This Year’s Most Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies

Halloween is right around the corner, and pretty soon, your news feed will be flooded with tutus, spandex, face paint and pictures of babies in costumes. And while your baby has literally no idea what Halloween is about, it’s still pretty delightful to dress them up — if only to provide photographic cuteness/embarrassment for their future high school yearbook. Sure, babies are adorable any time of the year, but put them in a costume, and you’ve got a recipe for instant “awwwww.”

Unfortunately, not all costumes are created equal. Some are too cute for words, some are lackluster, and some… well, maybe those parents will get more creative next year. And even though the kiddo probably can’t walk or talk yet, they will certainly be the center of attention in one of the getups ahead.

We rounded up 10 of the best Halloween costumes for babies this year. These will leave all the other parents muttering under their breath, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?!”

Hot sauce

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Hot Sauce Costume
Image: BuzzBearStudio/Etsy

This spicy costume is sure to get some knowing nods from those gastronomic daredevils who put hot sauce on everything and probably have some stashed in their bag (swag) at any given moment. This baby is sure to get smiles every time he wears this onesie, because be real. This is not just for Halloween. (Etsy, $36)

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Chocolate-covered strawberry

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Image: TheWishingElephant/Etsy

The sweetest. Thing. Ever. Babies of all sizes will love this roomy, cozy costume that is also guaranteed to elicit cooing from everyone who crosses your path. Besides, who wants to squeeze their kid into something uncomfortable and have them a) flip a shit or b) discard parts of their costumes once the pictures have been taken, leaving everyone to wonder why that pirate isn’t wearing any pants. (Etsy, $60)

Sushi baby

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Sushi Baby
Image: TheWishingElephant/Etsy

Two words for you. Sushi. Baby. Dress your baby in this simple suit and there is zero chance you won’t hear, “OMG, how cute! I could eat them up,” a thousand times over the course of this Halloween. Probably best for warmer climes — unless you’re prepared to BYO sushi pants. (Etsy, $38)

Rosie the Riveter

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Rosie the Riveter
Image: Shopzeon

Rosie the Riveter! Is there a more perfect costume for your strong baby girl than this cultural icon representing women in the workforce and generally kicking butt? Pair with a speech bubble that says “We Can Do It!” and your little gal will be unstoppable. (Shopzeon, $46)

Baby astronaut

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Baby Astronaut
Image: Chasing Fireflies

For the next generation of space explorers, this tiny trick-or-treater costume is out of this world — and will have you saying, “One small step for man… and another small step… really teeny steps… maybe go ahead guys, we’ll catch up.” (Chasing Fireflies, $26)

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Baby strongman

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Baby Strongman
Image: Target

With this costume, you can ensure hours of hilarity for your little one by pretending they broke your hand every time they high-five you. (This is my favorite baby pastime all year round.) Pair this outfit with a dapper-looking felt mustache and your kiddo will be the main attraction of any Halloween party. (Target, $19)


Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Burrito
Image: AwesomeSauceDesigns/Etsy

Got a babe who’s too young for trick-or-treating? That doesn’t mean they can’t still be the cutest bundle of cheese, lettuce and tomato swaddled in this burrito costume. Take them to Chipotle. See what happens. Maybe you’ll get an actual burrito out of it. (Etsy, $65)


Cute Halloween costumes for babies: R2D2
Image: TheWishingElephant

For those especially nerdy among us, this costume is one you’ll be proud to tote along with you on public transit. R2-D2 is a fan favorite — and, truth be told, is about as verbally coherent as your baby is. (Etsy, $38)

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Max from Where the Wild Things Are
Image: Jet

Max from Where the Wild Things Are is a beloved literary character — and it makes perfect sense for your baby to be the “king of all wild things.” Good luck getting them to take off the crown when Halloween is over, though. (Jet, $40)

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Charlie Brown

Cute Halloween costumes for babies: Charlie Brown
Image: OVELO/Etsy

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! With this iconic costume of the Peanuts protagonist and a squiggle of eyeliner on their bald, bald head, your baby will be saying “Good grief!” OK, probably not, but you get extra points if you teach them to say that before Halloween. You can buy just the Charlie Brown shirt (Etsy, $18), but what’s Charlie Brown without his beloved Snoopy. (Etsy, $18)

Originally published October 2012. Updated September 2017.


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