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Daddy-baby Halloween costumes

Let a proud daddy celebrate Halloween with your baby and be center to the fun with a costume that complements what your little one is wearing. For parties and those priceless photo ops, this made-for-each-other pair will be dressed to impress!

Cute coordinated daddy-baby costumes
Daddy and baby on Halloween

When daddy dresses up for Halloween in a costume that matches the baby’s special outfit, there are no tricks, just a treat!

Daddy dress up

Dad’s costume will set the tone for baby’s Halloween look. Encourage him to choose a favorite character from books, movies or the world of sports and coordinate your child’s costume to match. He can create a great costume right out of his existing wardrobe: his tuxedo makes him Prince Charming for his little Cinderella, or a jeans-loving daddy can assemble a construction worker look with the addition of a hardhat and safety goggles, or transform into a cowboy with the addition of a checked shirt, boots and hat. His mini-me can be a pint-sized cowboy or cowgirl in an enhanced onesie, or a classic princess with a fluffy tulle skirt layered over her pink bodysuit.

Animal costumes are a natural, so daddy can dress as the Lion King and tote along his little cub, or be a gorilla with his furry baby clinging to his neck. If sports are his passion, the little one can be outfitted as a football, a cheerleader or ready for action in a version of a favorite team uniform. Explore some options through the internet to get ideas on transforming easy one-piece baby bodysuits that will be comfortable and snug for the baby to wear.

Hats on

A simple wool or cotton cap with some embelishments — ears or antenna — make a quick and easy baby costume. Steer clear of complicated baby outfits and avoid covering their face with a mask. The baby’s comfort is most important. You can add to the look with a few dabs of makeup: rosy cheeks for your tiny Raggedy Ann, or whiskers painted onto the face of a kitten or other baby animal. Stitch some felt cutouts onto a onesie to amp up the look…spots for a ladybug and stripes for a bee, leaves for a flower or a tasty veggie. Daddy can be the gardener in simple work clothes with pockets bulging with packets of seeds, work gloves and a small spade. He might even push the baby on Trick or Treat rounds in a wheelbarrow, with your infant carrier safely secured inside! It’s a perfect match when you dress your little one up as a happy sunflower, a tangy chili pepper, a pea-in-a-pod or a bright orange pumpkin.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly to make it special. Let dad take the lead and help create a pleasing daddy-and-me costume theme to share with his pride and joy!

Quick tip

Never add accessories to baby’s costume that can prick, scratch or end up in their mouth.

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