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Mommy-baby Halloween costumes

It’s your first Halloween with a new baby! What could be more fun than dressing up together in coordinated “mommy and me” costumes? Get creative with ideas, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos to help you remember this very special holiday!

Halloween with Baby
Baby Halloween

Baby costumes

The main thing to consider is safety and comfort for your baby, so keep it simple. Colorful buntings and one-piece bodysuits are best for babies and can be embelished in numerous creative ways to transform into a darling, unique infant costume. Steer clear of masks and anything that will feel restrictive or itchy near to tender baby skin.

A cap keeps baby warm and comfortable and can be the base of a costume. A cap with flowers or ears instantly turns your tiny one into a blossom in bloom, a sweet and soft bunny or a darling lion cub. Check out the variety of creative toppers available: Disney Baby has some of the cutest or dress your own little flower child with a bevy of blooms sewn onto a plain cotton cap. Browse through your local craft store and select felts that can be cut into the shapes of leaves, polka dots, stars or stripes and easily affixed to a cap or onesie. A frothy flounce of tulle over a pretty bodysuit turns your little girl into a ballerina, a fairy or a storybook princess. A sash or bandana adds swagger for a little cowboy, a tiny pirate’s first mate or a small but tough construction worker. See what’s available and let the selection spark your imagination. A mop top gives you both Raggedy Ann’s corkscrew curls or a fluffy lion mane. Simple purchases can add authenticity to your matching costumes!

Matching up

All babies are angels, so dress yours in a white dress: good use for that special occasion outfit she’ll soon outgrow! Add some store-bought wings and she’s ready to go, accessorized by a mommy similarly outfitted as her guardian angel. This basic outfit also works well for a princess or bride look — without the wings and with the addition of a veil (sew a small pice of net to a white cap) or with a glittery headband to serve as her crown. Add in some color and a little iridescent sparkle and the same outfit becomes Tinkerbell ready to do her magic, an apprentice to mommy as the fairy godmother. If your little guy is a cowboy, throw on your jeans and a checkered shirt, knot your bandana and gather the treats and the compliments. You can both be pirates, super-hereos or law enforcement with just a few creative touches. Dress up as a flower and tote along your little bumblebee or ladybug. Once you decide on your theme, add the extra touches that complete the transformation — makeup for whiskers, rosy cheeks or kissable animal noses.

Start with mom

Choose your mommy costume first and match the baby’s outfit to complement.

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