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Grand old baby names for your little Republican

For parents who lean Republican in their values, there may be nothing more beautiful than a GOP-inspired name for your little guy or gal on the way. With the 2016 presidential election heating up, it seemed like the perfect time to round up our favorite baby names from the Grand Old Party — with strong and classic choices from past Republican presidents, along with top baby names from traditional red states.

In case history class is a bit fuzzy, the Republican Party was actually founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854, and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. Besides this being a great question for Jeopardy!, we thought it was also a good place to start when rounding up Republican baby names.

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Names of Republican presidents of the U.S.

Since Abraham Lincoln took office in 1861, there have been 18 Republican presidents of the United States thus far. Perhaps one of these names is the perfect choice for your future leader of the GOP?

And depending on how the current election shakes down, we may soon be adding Donald (Trump) to our Republican presidents baby name list.

Top baby names in “red states”

A “red state” refers to those states in the United States that primarily vote for the Republican Party, while a “blue state” refers to those states that vote primarily for a Democratic Party. There are also the “swing states” (sometimes called “purple states”), where the majority doesn’t support either party.

According to Wikipedia, the following states are considered red states, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at the top baby names in these regions:

In Utah, the top girl names are Olivia, Sophia, Emma, Lily and Abigail, while the top boy names are Mason, William, James, Jacob and Samuel. The red state of Nebraska’s top girl name is Emma, while Mason is also the top name, followed by Jackson.

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In Kansas, they also love the name Mason for a boy, while Sophia is tops in this Midwestern state. What about Texas? The home state of the Bush family loves the names SophiaIsabella, Emma, Mia and Emily for girls and Jacob, Jayden, Daniel, Jose or David for boys.

Classic all-American baby names

The following all-American baby names are cool and classic and perfect for your future Republican baby! Even if your child falls a little more to the left than you do, these traditional names are great names that never go out of style.

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Boy names:

Girl names:

Tell us: What is your favorite Republican baby name?

Republican baby names
Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows;Image via Getty Images

Originally published Oct. 2012. Updated June 2016.

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