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Classic movie character Halloween costumes for kids

Iconic movie moments and characters can provide the perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes.

Boy dressed as superman for Halloween

If you’re looking for dress-up ideas beyond ghouls and gremlins for your kid this year, then consider turning to a few classic films for an unforgettable costume.


Classic comic-to-movie characters are more popular than ever, which makes them in-demand Halloween characters every year. Sure, new crime-fighting heroes crop up year after year, but Superman is still the original and is easily the best when it comes to classic Halloween costumes. The variations of Superman costumes abound, which makes Superman a great last-minute, store-bought costume. You can also make a Superman costume quickly and cheaply by making a Clark Kent-to-Superman transitional costume. To do it, dress your tyke in a suit, black-framed glasses and a Superman t-shirt. Unbutton his dress shirt just enough so the Superman emblem shows through and unleash him on the neighborhood with more power than a locomotive and the ability to collect copious amounts of candy in a single bound.
Wizard of Oz


With wizards, witches, scarecrows, lions, tin men and munchkins, Halloween is the perfect time of year for introducing The Wizard of Oz to your kids. The fun doesn’t have to stop once the movie ends — let it inspire trick-or-treating and turn the sidewalks in your neighborhood into a yellow brick road. Dorothy is an easy-to-assemble costume for any DIY mom. Like many outfits, the key to making an “okay” Dorothy costume amazing is the addition of one crucial accessory — her little dog. Of course, we recommend the stuffed variety, so be sure to hit up your local toy store and find the perfect Toto for your Dorothy.



With monsters and ghosts flooding the streets for the evening, it’s important that you have someone to call — a Ghostbuster. We love this movie character costume because you can find a pre-made jumpsuit and ghost busting pack for any age and any size child. Plus, the long sleeves and pants are perfect for a chilly, October evening, which will put a worrying mom’s mind at ease as her little one keeps the streets safe for the night. Another benefit, The Ghostbusters movie provides plenty of costume inspiration for a group. There’s Peter, Ray and Egon to start, plus you can always dress someone as the Stay Puft marshmallow man or even Slimer.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Holly Golightly

Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is easily one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Quirky but elegant and impossible to forget, dressing your little girl as Holly Golightly is a perfect way to give props to a classic film. We love this costume for toddlers — you know, when you still have a little control over your child’s costume. Dress your little girl in a black dress, long black gloves, lots of pearls and a tiara. Put her hair up in a beehive or high bun, finish it off with a pair of black, dramatic sunglasses and watch her sparkle.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Elliot and E.T.

With the 30th anniversary of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial upon us, there has never been a better time to share this classic film from your childhood with your kids. In addition, there is plenty of costume inspiration from the characters. Turn your little boy into Elliot for a night, as he helps E.T. to find his way back home. You can actually assemble most of the costume with items from around the house. Recreate the famous bicycle escape scene by dressing your little one in a red hooded sweatshirt. Add a basket to his bike, put an E.T. mask on a pillow and wrap it with a white sheet. He’ll stay warm, have lots of fun and will definitely make your neighbors smile as they remember watching the movie when they were young.

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