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Top ways parents can support classroom success

Several factors influence a student’s success in the classroom. We all know teachers, resources, funding and community are big parts of it. What about mom and dad? Parents are often an overlooked factor in classroom success, but they actually play a big part. Here’s how you can help ensure your child is a success at school.

Parent and child with teacher

Read at home

Read to your child every single day. Once she’s old enough to read on her own, encourage independent reading time each day. Reading expands vocabulary, grows curiosity, encourages creativity and instills a love for learning.

Talk about school

Talk with your child every day about what’s happening at school. This will give you an opportunity to encourage successes and positive actions. It’ll also give you a chance to discover struggles and work on a solution.

Help with homework

Be present while your child is doing homework. Take a look at what they’re doing, and give it a quick check, even if they don’t ask you for help. It’s helpful for you to know what they are learning, and it will give you a chance to take note of where they excel and where they struggle.

Be classroom helpers

Most teachers are always looking for help from parents, so if you can, reach out. Being in the classroom during the day gives you the opportunity to see what’s really going on. It also gives the teacher a chance to reach out to you to discuss any issues your child may be having.

Attend school board meetings

The school board presiding over your child’s school district has the final say in where the money goes, what the teachers can and can’t do, what gets cut, what gets extra funding and much more. Attend the meetings and be vocal about the things you feel your child needs.

Help with fundraisers

The more money your child’s school has, the more resources for success they can afford. Participate in as many fundraisers as you can and really put in some effort.

Be seen!

Walk in and say hello to the administration and teachers when you pick up and drop off your child. They’ll be more likely to come to you for help or with issues if you’re a familiar face.

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