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Favorite ways to use iPads in classrooms

iPads are great for personal use, but they can do so much more than that! Send your iPad to school with our favorite ways to use iPads in the classroom.

iPads in school
Kids using iPad in school


Textbooks, are big, bulky and heavy. They’re also pretty limited in what they can do. Save the students’ backs by switching to iPads. An iPad is much easier to carry around and a student can download all of their textbooks onto one, meaning it’s the only thing they’ll need to lug in their backpacks.
With a textbook, students read what’s printed and that’s pretty much it. With an iPad, books become interactive. Students can click pictures for more information and watch instructional videos.

Making music

Do you remember the instruments in your music classes? They were old, probably at least partly broken and filled with the spit of generations. Those instruments are no more with iPad. Apps like GarageBand make music portable, easy and sanitary. Students can play keyboards, guitars, drums and more using their iPads. The controls are lifelike, and they can make recordings and edit right from their devices.

Make movies

Is your class doing a genealogy project? Forget about writing up interviews, have the students use their iPads to record video of their interviews. Presentations can be put together ahead of time and aired to the class using their iPad and Apple TV. Using apps like iMovie, students can take video, edit and save videos right from their iPads, no other equipment needed.


Students no longer have an excuse for “forgetting” to do their homework. Teachers can sync their calendars with students’, so they’ll all have instant access to due dates and special instructions.

Virtual field trips

Field trips are no longer limited to 30-minute bus trips that fit within a strict budget. Using the iPad with a video chat app, such as Skype, your class can go anywhere. Find an employee or local at the place you would like to visit, and your class can spend an afternoon exploring a whole new world. Visit famous museums, geological landmarks, even the Eiffel Tower, without ever leaving your classroom.

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