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Top 5 educational gadgets for kids

You’re not the only one who likes high-tech toys! Your kiddos probably have a few techie gadgets on their lists, and they’re not just for fun. These gadgets can teach your little one a thing or two!

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer

The LeapPad 2 Explorer by LeapFrog (, $130) is even more like an adult tablet than the first version. This one has two cameras and two video cameras, so your little one can practice being a photographer and videographer. The touch screen is large and designed especially for tiny fingers to navigate. There are more than 300 cartridges and apps you can purchase online or in-store, all of which are designed to encourage creativity and learning.

MobiGo 2

The MobiGo 2 by Vtech (, $60) is a hand-held learning device that folds up to easily go where you go. Designed for kids ages 3-8, MobiGo brings four ways to play. Kids can use the touch screen or attached keyboard; they can also opt to utilize the motion sensor or microphone. The device starts with several built-in apps, but you can also purchase more in-store or online. Kids cab choose from e-books, coloring books, photo albums, games and much more.

V.Reader Interactive E-Reading System

This device focuses on reading and nothing else, so if you have a little one who needs to work on his reading skills, this is the gadget for you. The V.Reader Interactive E-Reading System by Vtech (, $50) features a color screen and a QWERTY keyboard to help familiarize him with the style of keyboard he’ll need to know. The USB port makes it easy to connect the reader to your computer for updates and additions.

Fisher Price Smart Tablet

Your kiddo will probably spend the rest of his life working on a laptop, tablet or other mobile device, so you might as well help him learn to operate one at a young age. The Fisher Price Smart Tablet (, $26) will let you do that without endangering your own! So many features on this gadget are just like a real tablet, he won’t have a hard time switching over to the real thing when the time comes. While he works on computer and typing skills, he’ll also be learning math, phonics, reading and more through games and interactive play.

LeapFrog My Own LeapTop

Is your toddler itching to get her sticky fingers on your laptop? Give her the My Own LeapTop by LeapFrog (, $25) instead. It looks a lot like yours, so it’ll keep her happy. She’ll learn letters, numbers, animals and more while she plays, sings and dances.

Quick tip

Some of the hottest techie toys aren’t cheap. Look into the older version if there’s a newer model out, it may be almost identical.

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