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Top 10 fun piggy banks for kids

What better way to teach your kids about money management than by giving them a piggy bank? Here are 10 fun piggy banks your kids will love.

money saavy pig bank

Money Savvy Pig

The Money Savvy Pig isn’t just a pretty porker. It’s a great educational tool that helps you teach your kids how money can be used to save, spend, donate and invest. The see-through bank lets kids see how their coins are adding up, and each compartment can be emptied individually.

To buyMoney Savvy Pig ($20)

good little piggy


Encourage philanthropy from a young age by giving your child this pair of piggy banks. The momma size is intended for savings, and the baby is for setting aside money to donate to a worthy cause.

To buyPiggy ($54)

clear piggy bank

Piggy Bank

If you’re looking for a good basic piggy bank, check out this plastic bank from the Container Store. With a slot on top and covered opening on the bottom, this practical pig comes in clear, blue, green and pink.

To buyPiggy Bank ($6)

Adler piggy bank

Jonathan Adler Elephant Bank

Who says pigs should have all the fun? Jonathan Adler’s ceramic elephant bank would fit perfectly in an animal-themed child’s bedroom. These coin banks are made by artisans in Peru through the Aid to Artisans program that promotes fair trade.

To buyJonathan Adler Elephant Bank ($88)

Paint your own piggy bank

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank

Crafty kids will love painting their own piggy bank with this kit from 4M. This petite porker is just over three inches tall, so it won’t hold a ton of coins. Consider it a starter piggy bank for your small saver.

To buyPaint Your Own Piggy Bank ($8)

oink ceramic bank

Oink Ceramic Piggy Bank

This modern take on the piggy bank features wide slots for the snout, making it easy for little hands to deposit coins of any size, as well as dollar bills. When it’s time to make a bank deposit, simply pop out the piggy’s cork ears.

To buyOink Ceramic Piggy Bank ($74)

coink bank

Coink Bank

This oinker lets your kids deposit fistfuls of coins down the ceramic funnel, instead of plunking them in one by one — so they’ll be saving both time and money!

To buyCoink Bank ($36)

cardboard piggy bank

Cardboard Piggy Bank

This hip, recycled cardboard piggy bank is a functional piece of art. It comes with six pieces packed flat in a box and can be assembled without glue.

To buyCardboard Piggy Bank ($24)

chalkboard piggy bank

Chalkboard Piggy Bank

Take the advice of one reviewer and have your kids use chalk to write down what they’re saving for. Each time they make a deposit, they’ll be reminded of what they’re working toward.

To buyChalkboard Piggy Bank ($13)

glass piggy banks

Glass Piggy Bank

This glass piggy bank comes in two sizes and is perfect for an older child looking for a good-looking way to save her coins. The snout nose makes it easy to pour out coins when it’s time to spend, save or donate.

To buyGlass Piggy Bank ($40 or $50)

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