Best baby products just for Dad

While registering for baby gifts, my husband and I found that there are very few products acceptable for men to use (in public). So I jumped into research mode and discovered these three awesome dad-approved baby goods.

Dad shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed every time he takes the baby somewhere because of the purple paisley car seat or fuchsia diaper bag he’s forced to drag around. Help him ease into fatherhood with this hunky gear designed just for him.

Diaper Dude Camo Boba carrier

You know how a man walking a cute dog suddenly becomes a chick magnet? That’s what this baby carrier will do — only he’ll be wearing your child. This inventive baby-tote takes a sweet product (baby wearing is all the rage!) and makes it badass. Not only is the Camo Boba carrier (Boba Family, $125) cool enough that your husband will want to wear it, but you won’t mind donning it either.

It can be used for babes between 7 and 45 pounds, so while it may be a bit more costly than some other carriers, it will last you a long time. Plus, you get what you pay for. And this bad boy is worth it. It’s easy to put on and adjust (if you’re strategic, you can even breastfeed in it); it’s soft, durable, comfortable and fits waists between 25 and 58 inches. What’s nice too is you can wear it on your front or your back, and both ways feel secure, so you have peace of mind that Baby isn’t dangling. If you want to ensure that he isn’t dangling, snap on the foot straps. It’ll be nice for him to balance himself or rest his feet (even though you’re doing all the walking).

Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller

Vroom, vroom. Your husband will like rolling out in this buggy just as much as Baby will like cruising in it. What dad wouldn’t like his stroller just as he likes his SUV? The Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller (Amazon, $170) is tough and rugged, but still offers a smooth ride. Your daddy-baby duo will be the talk of the neighborhood strollin’ the streets while jammin’ to beats from its removable iBaby sound system. But here are some real pros we can get on board with:

  • Has three 12-inch inflatable, all-terrain tires (you know, for off-roading).
  • Contains a child tray with dual cup holders.
  • Offers a height-adjustable, five-point safety harness.
  • Fits 15 different infant car seats so you can design your own travel system.
  • It has a big trunk… OK, not really but it has loads of cargo space for plenty of storage.

And with a multi-position seat recliner, this stroller gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ”low rider.”

Diaper Dude convertible diaper bag

Nothing is more embarrassing for a man than holding a woman’s purse. Except maybe lugging around a bright pink, floral diaper bag. Well, thankfully it’s 2012 and manufacturers are wising up to men’s woes. Diaper Dude’s Convertible diaper bag (Buy Buy Baby, $110) is super manly and versatile. In fact, when he’s not transporting diapers and burp blankets, he’ll want to carry his laptop in it too.

This sums up all that you really need to know about this bag:

  • It has special small and large compartments for everything (bottles, diapers, wipes, food, bibs — you name it).
  • It’s quite strapping — literally. It has removable padded should straps, built-in stroller straps and backpack straps.
  • It can switch from a messenger bag to a backpack.
  • It includes a changing pad for diaper duty.

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