Repurpose warm-weather kids’ clothes for fall

Dreading restocking your child’s wardrobe for cooler weather this fall?

Learn how to extend the life of your child’s clothing with some cool-weather basics to wear under and over summer clothes.

If your kid loves his summer wardrobe, don’t fret. You can extend the life of those breezy clothing items by combining them with cool-weather standards. Go ahead and pack away the bathing suits and flip-flops, but save those summer favorites to keep wearing this fall.

Warm the core

Until severe winter weather takes over, kids can get away with mixing summer clothes with warmer items. It’s crucial to keep the core warm. Depending on your kid’s comfort level, shorts or skirts may work well into fall as long as the middle of the body is protected from cooler temperatures. Try sending your child to school with a pullover or sweater to ensure that the heat stays where it needs to, at your child’s core. Invest in a few hoodies and sweaters to extend those versatile summer clothes. If your kid isn’t style-conscious, he will probably be fine wearing the same hoodie every single day. If your child is into fashion, it may be harder to convince him to wear the same thing. If your child insists that he’s immune to chilly weather, ask him to tuck a sweatshirt or jacket in his backpack just in case.

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Buy neutral colors

Unless your kid loves to mix and match bright colors, stick to neutrals that match everything when you’re shopping for warm items. Keep an eye on sales and bulk packages of long-sleeved T-shirts, leggings and sweatshirts. If your child wears earth tones, try to stay in that range. If she wears jewel tones, try black and white or bold colors that complement what she usually wears. Instead of restocking an entire wardrobe for the cooler weather, you can add these warm pieces over and under what your child has already been wearing.

Layer under tees and tanks

Short-sleeved shirts can be worn throughout the year with a little strategic layering. The key is to make sure the long-sleeved shirts worn underneath are form-fitting enough not to cause a layering catastrophe. Use solid color long-sleeved tees under tank tops, dresses and T-shirts for a cute, skater-inspired look that will keep kids warm in the fall. Throw a sweater on top for the time spent outside and you’re good to go. For girls, try a flowing tunic over skinny jeans with warm boots and a high-waisted cardigan to keep the arms and core warm.

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Keep wearing skirts

When the weather cools down, skirts aren’t as practical. Instead of storing skirts for next season, wear them with warmer items. Try investing in a few pairs of thick leggings to wear under skirts. Colored tights look adorable, but if the weather is particularly chilly, they won’t protect against the cold. For added snuggly warmth, combine with high boots or fuzzy leg warmers. For a funky, fashionable trend, try wearing short dresses over skinny jeans. This is a particularly helpful option if your daughter has grown too tall for her older dresses or if her school has a dress code regarding skirt length. If you’re particularly crafty, try repurposing old winter sweaters or thrift store sweaters as arm and leg warmers.

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