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Fun preschool activities that bring TV and books to life

Does your preschooler like to watch TV? Does she always have her head in a book? Bring those worlds to life!

kids reading books

If your kiddo spends all day glued to the TV or a book, she’s probably imagining herself there, too! Take her there with these fun activities that will bring her favorite shows and books to life. She’ll have a blast (and you will, too), and you’ll be glad to see her up and moving.

Play dress-up

Gather up costumes of characters on your preschooler’s favorite show and have a little pretend time. Let your little one assign everyone a role, and try to be in character as much as you can. There’s no need to spend big bucks outfitting your whole family with costumes, just put them together with whatever you have on hand. Your preschooler isn’t picky — she’ll be thrilled with whatever you come up with.

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Act out a book

This is a little bit like dress-up, but taking it a step further. Once everyone is in costume, act out an entire children’s book, page by page. Your preschooler probably has it memorized (and you probably do, too), so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Don’t worry too much about making sure everyone says the right thing, but try to stick with the story line.

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Visit the characters

Nothing will bring a show or book to life for your preschooler more than having a conversation with her favorite character. Visit the show’s website to check for performances or appearances. Also, keep an eye out at local libraries, zoos, restaurants, children’s stores and party places for character appearances at special events.

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Get the toys

It’s hard to find a popular television show that doesn’t have its own line of toys these days. Figure out what your kiddo is into and pick up a few of those toys. She can play with them while the television is off, or have fun with them while she watches. Do you have a Thomas fan at home? Grab some of the Thomas & Friends Take-N-Play track sets if you’re always on the go, or get the TrackMaster pieces if you can set up at home. Try and collect all the characters from the show, and she can play along as she watches or make it up as she goes!

Quick Tip

Check the website of your child’s favorite book or show. They may have games and printables your child will love.

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