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Best toys to donate to your preschool

After cleaning out old toys, your first inclination might be to haul off your donations to a local charity or consignment store. But don’t forget about your child’s preschool! Review this list of popular preschool toys to learn which toys preschools need most (we recommend checking with the preschool before bringing in your donations).

girl donating toysArt supplies

If your kids’ craft area is jam-packed with too many bottles of glue, pipe cleaners and crayons, grab a box and fill it up with any and all craft supplies for your preschool. Most preschools go through large quantities of arts-and-crafts supplies and could always use replenishment.


Chances are, your preschool teachers get tired of reading the same stories over and over at circle time. Consider sharing the books your children may have outgrown. When preschools cover units like nature, community, transportation or family, it’s helpful to have an assortment of books to read aloud to the children. Let your child bring in the books and hand deliver them to the teacher. They’ll feel proud when the teacher reads one of their books to the class.


Most preschools welcome the addition of new puzzles. If the kids have been working the same puzzles at the puzzle table day after day, they’ll love a new challenge when fresh new puzzles are set out for them. Color-and-shape puzzles, puzzles with knobs and latches, and jigsaw floor puzzles are all perfect for preschool.


Have you taken a good look at the dolls at your preschool lately? It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a limb or two missing. If your kids have gotten tired of playing with dolls, gather up those that haven’t been getting much love, along with any doll clothes, bottles, strollers and other doll accessories. Your preschool would probably love to add these toys to their stash.


Train time is usually a popular preschool group activity, and when it comes to trains and tracks, the more the better. Younger preschoolers sometimes do better when there are more to go around, because let’s face it — waiting your turn is really hard for a three year old! If you’re ready to donate your train set, your preschool would likely love to receive it. Just be sure to give the washable pieces a soak in bleach water and a thorough rinsing.

Building blocks

A good preschool should have plenty of manipulatives, including more than one set of building blocks. Give your preschool teachers options to rotate out building block sets on different days by donating any old sets your kids have outgrown. Wood blocks, plastic interlocking blocks and tiles and shapes that connect magnetically are all excellent toys to donate to your preschool. Again, do your teachers a favor and bleach and rinse the washable toys before bringing in your donations.

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