Ditch the pen and grab the iPad

As technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, the trend of in-school technology is also increasing.

Schools all over the U.S. are integrating iPads and other tech devices for learning purposes.

Getting the most out of technology inside the classroom

Children are becoming more and more attracted to technology and all it has to offer. Some parents are finding that working with an iPad or smart device, their children are more likely to interact, learn and play educational games. Cheryl Rosenberg’s son is in third grade in a Southern California school. They were permitted to use iPads in class starting in second grade. Rosenberg thinks it’s a step in the right direction and loves that her son’s school is allowing and using technology to enhance her son’s education.

Debbie Butler is on the PTA at her children’s school in Frisco, Texas. She and the other parents were thrilled when they were able to obtain one iPad and one iPod for each classroom last year. “I think it’s great — so many great informational apps out there.” Butler says.

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iPads for kids outside of the classroom

Your child doesn’t have to have an iPad to achieve the maximum benefits of learning through technology. A teacher’s website can be accessed securely through a home computer, but schools are also using iPads to enhance a child’s view of learning outside of the school as well.

Sue Fogarty resides in Virginia Beach with her fourth grade son and second grade daughter. Sue was thrilled when she found that her son’s school took iPads on a field trip to the National Zoo near the end of third grade. The small groups were permitted to take notes and pictures to document their day. According to Fogarty, the Virginia Beach public school district allows children to bring their own devices to school — with discretion from each teacher. Her son brings an iPod and Nook to school each day.

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iPads for parent, teacher and student communications

Many teachers are turning to online resources to communicate with other school employees, parents and even students. Teachers are finding that by creating their own website through websites like Weebly, it is transforming their classrooms into a paper-free environment and helping the communication process with their students. Online websites created by teachers can host a multitude of resources that is beneficial for both students and parents — as some parents rely on their child to remember assignments and important notices. With an online website, students can read their teacher’s blog, check homework assignments, view the course curriculum and respond to online discussions all in one place. And with the placement of school iPads, students can access class information during and after school or while at home.

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