Moms tackling the energy crisis

Moms are an impressive lot. Whether juggling a dirty diaper in one hand and a latte in the other or helping to solve the world’s energy crisis, mothers are uniquely qualified to make a mark on the world around them. Case in point: The Athabasca Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Canada.

These days, it’s virtually impossible to claim ignorance when it comes to our energy crisis. While all forms of energy are needed to meet worldwide demand (natural gas, coal, renewables — including biofuels — and nuclear), oil is a crucial component of a long-term solution. Alberta sits upon proven reserves of 170 billion barrels of oil and Shell is working to responsibly extract these reserves — with the help of some very talented and dedicated moms. These women bring unique skill sets to this male-dominated industry, proving that there is no frontier a mom can’t conquer.

Ginette Macisaac

Ginette Macisaac is the In-Situ Oil Sands Thermal Technology operations manager and mother of two. Over the past 17 years, her career has taken her to all corners of the world. She has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Singapore, Qatar, Australia and now calls Alberta, Canada home. Ginette focuses on developing new technologies to maximize production while minimizing the project’s footprint.

“The title working mom is a source of pride. My love of challenge and adventure has translated into a series of interesting jobs and experiences, including motherhood, in a number of countries. Being a mother is part of who I am and it has taught me skills, like patience, that aren’t so easy to develop on the job. As for my career being in a male-dominated industry, I simply enjoy the type of work that I do.”?