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Top twin girl names of 2012

The Social Security Administration released the most popular twin baby girl names of 2012. Last year, Isabella and Sophia were the top twin girl names, however we have a new set of winners this year! Find out the top twin girl baby names, as well as our pick of the best celebrity twin girl names.

What were the top twin girl baby names of 2012? The most popular names for twins are in line with the top girl names overall, which was Sophia this year and Isabella the year before, according to the Social Security Administration. Who else made the list?

Top twin girl baby names

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Twin baby name trends

Sophia is the most popular girl name of the year (for singles) and Olivia is the fourth most popular name, so it is not too surprising that the Olivia and Sophia combination wins the most popular twin girl names of the year. The Gabriella and Isabella combination shot up to the second most popular spot, after being in the number 15th spot last year.

Many parents are choosing to name their twin girls with a similar theme, for instance virtue or spiritual names (Faith and Hope, Faith and Grace, Serenity and Trinity), as well as Heaven and Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards). Another theme is destination names, such as London and Paris, as well as the seasons (Autumn and Summer).

Another trend when naming twin girls is to choose names that start with the same letter, such as Ella and Emma or Addison and Avery — or names that end with the same letters, such as Haylee and Kaylee. It is also interesting the popularity of Mackenzie, as well as the alternatate spelling of Makenzie, both made the list!

Cool celebrity twin girl names

If you love old-fashioned names, you will love the names of Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin girls: Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge. For a more trendy twin set, Lisa Marie Presley named her twin girls Finley and Harper. Marcia Cross gave her daughters the southern sounding names of Eden and Savannah, while soccer star Mia Hamm named her twins Ava and Grace.

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell named their twins Charlie Tamara Tulip (after Jerry’s brother Charlie) and Dolly Rebecca Rose (after Dolly Parton). How cute is that?

Along with Romijn’s daughter Charlie, actress Diane Farr also gave one of her twin daughters the gender bending name of Sawyer, which she said was a family name she passed on. Her twin girls are named Sawyer Lucia and Coco Trinity.

Grace is a popular name for celebrities, as singer Dave Matthews named his daughters Stella and Grace. Lance Armstrong named his daughters Grace and Isabella.

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