Fall crafts from nature

Gather up some craft supplies from nature to make these fabulous crafts with the kids.

Hello, fall! Oh, those brightly colored falling leaves. And the twigs. And so much more! Loving the change of scenery and season? Capture your fall love with your kids by creating these easy, fabulous fun crafts. Your kids will think you’re the ”awesomest” when you start making wands, leafy bracelets and wall hangings with them. Ready?

Fall leaf totes

This fun tote bag is perfect for trick-or-treating, lugging library books around or whatever you want. Be sure to use freshly fallen leaves that are still pliable — otherwise they might just crumble while imprinting the leaves on the tote!

You need:

  • 1 large tote bag
  • fabric paint in orange and bronze
  • paint brushes — thick and a skinny one
  • a paper plate
  • freshly fallen leaves


  1. Lay out the tote on a flat surface. Squirt orange fabric paint on the paper plate. Using a fat brush, apply paint to one side of a leaf. Make sure all the brush strokes go in the same direction — and don’t worry if the surface can’t seem to be covered.
  2. Press the leaf onto the tote bag where desired. Repeat with the same leaf or a variety of leaves to make a pattern (like the three across pictured).
  3. Let the tote dry for 10 minutes. Then, squirt bronze paint on the plate. Using the skinny brush, paint details on the leaves. Also, paint the child’s name on the tote.

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Homemade fall puzzle

Fall’s here! Have your kids get creative with this fun DIY fall puzzle that your kids can put together and take apart whenever they want.

You need:

  • 1 5-1/2 x 8-1/2-inch foam sheet
  • colorful fall leaves (make sure they are fresh)
  • craft paint
  • brushes
  • scissors


  1. Set out the foam sheet. Choose 2-3 fall leaves to use for the project.
  2. Paint the fall leaves with craft paint (don’t be afraid to mix up the colors as you’re painting!).
  3. Press the leaves onto the foam sheet to imprint the leaves on the sheet. Use a thin paint brush to write Happy Fall and 2012 on the foam sheet.
  4. Let the paint completely dry.
  5. Cut into puzzle shapes (don’t worry — you don’t have to get too fancy!).

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Super easy fall craft ideas

Fab fall bracelets

Your little ones can be the goddess of fall with leafy fall bracelets on their wrists. Gently poke pipe cleaner through leaves, beginning with one a little off center, pulling about 1-1/2 inches of pipe cleaner through. Fold the pipe cleaner over and gently poke through the leaf. Twist gently to secure, leaving the looped end slightly out. Continue with additional leaves, securing the end by threading through the looped end of the pipe cleaner and twirling to secure.

Fall tree wall art

Have your kids get creative with this fun wall art that you can hang up wherever you want. Start with a festive colored sheet of construction paper and the prettiest leaves you can find. Arrange the fall leaves and twigs on the paper in desired tree-like pattern. Don’t be afraid to overlap and get creative. Use white school glue to glue down the leaves and twigs. Let dry completely. Then, hang as desired for some festive fall wall art.

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