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Tips for photographing baby on vacation

One of the best parts of taking a vacation is snapping a zillion shots of your baby enjoying the trip. So make sure your photos of baby are all frame-worthy with these simple tips.

mother photographing daughter on beach vacation

Feel the need for speed?

When you’re trying to snap the perfect photo of your baby, time is of the essence! His super-cute expression the first time he splashes in the ocean or makes his first snowball will be gone in an instant, so you have to act fast. Make sure the camera you choose has super-fast shutter speed without a delay.

If you’re looking for a new camera with speedy click action, try out the new Canon EOS Rebel T4i for an exceptionally fast shot. The camera has a DIGIC 5 image processor that allows for high-speed continuous shooting of up to 5.0 fps for action shots of your baby. It also has an 18.0 megapixel CMOS for super-crisp images and high resolution, along with an extended ISO range of 100 to 12800.

Get up close and personal

Take some great close-up shots of just the baby’s face to really capture that smile or expression during a fun time on your vacation. Try different angles as well, and get down to the baby’s level so you can get a great photo from his perspective.

Light it up

When you’re photographing the baby in an indoor setting, try to take advantage of soft, indirect lighting from a nearby window, which will result in a beautifully lit photo.

Don’t force it

Over-posed photos can seem unnatural and, well, forced. So don’t try to make your baby pose. Enjoy the beauty of candid photos of the baby in any setting.

Stay solid

Dress the baby in simple solid clothing so you don’t distract from the face being the main focal point of the photo. Go wild with props like a sun hat or sunglasses at the beach, or deck the baby out in full snow gear during a chilly winter vacation.

Just say no…

To your flash. With natural or indirect lighting you don’t need your flash, and it could cause you to end up with a bunch of shots of the baby with red eyes, which you’ll need to edit.

Make it memorable

As you sightsee around the town in which you are vacationing, think outside of the box as you take pictures of the baby around local landmarks.

Let it shine

If you’re taking photos outside, consider the lighting (ahem, the sun). Take advantage of the early morning and late afternoon sun to perfectly light your baby as you snap away. A baby also tends to be in the best mood in the morning, after a good night’s rest and a good breakfast — ensuring lots of smiles!

Fun with baby

Need more great ideas for spending quality time with your baby? Check out Baby’s Day Out City Guide — you’ll discover all the top baby-friendly destinations and how to enjoy them with your little one.

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