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Cut down on allergens in your child’s bedroom

Does your child sleep with a pile of stuffed animals? The bad news is those toys could be littered with allergens. The good news is with a few simple steps, you can drastically reduce your child’s exposure to allergens.

Your child’s bedroom should be a sanctuary from environmental allergens. Unfortunately, some of the top allergens — such as dust mites and pet dander love to congregate in the places we sleep. Learn how to cut down on allergens in your child’s bedroom to relieve her allergy and asthma symptoms and help her sleep easy.

Avoid pet dander completely

If you have a pet, bathe your pet often. If you don’t, consider sticking to a pet like a fish or reptile. If your child sleeps with his dog or cat, it’s time to break that habit. No amount of pet-related comfort is worth the issue of pet dander in your child’s bedding. For best results, your pets should be banned from the kids’ rooms entirely. Ask your child to change into his pajamas directly before bedtime. If your child’s pet allergies are severe, make sure he takes a shower and changes his clothes after playing with a friend’s pet.

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Wage war on dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed on flakes of skin. Sounds gross, right? For kids with dust mite allergies, allergy and asthma symptoms can worsen at home thanks to the nearly unavoidable presence of these tiny bugs in bedding and pillows. Prevention and maintenance are the best way to fight dust mites. Avoid clutter, ban stuffed animals from the bed, and use hard flooring like tile or wood. Use allergy-proof pillow covers and a mattress cover, and wash your child’s bedding frequently in very hot water. Consider a HEPA filter in your child’s bedroom, and vacuum frequently with a vacuum specifically manufactured to cut down on allergens.

Cut down on cockroaches

It’s no fun to acknowledge that cockroaches hang out just about everywhere. Instead of living in denial, do what you can to cut down on cockroaches in your child’s bedroom. Your kid is often the worst culprit when it comes to attracting these pests. Ban snacks from the bedroom and you’ll avoid the tiny morsels of food that attract cockroaches. Never leave standing water out. Consider investing in professional pest control to limit cockroaches in your entire house. A professional can help you seal the cracks and areas that cockroaches love to slither through.

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Ban mold and mildew

Mold allergies can cause kids to experience symptoms similar to the common cold. Help your child avoid these uncomfortable symptoms by cutting down on mold. A dehumidifier is a great defense against mold in your child’s bedroom. Good habits also go a long way. Encourage your child to hang towels in the bathroom after use, instead of letting them fester on the floor. Use a sealed hamper for sweaty, dirty clothes. Attend to leaks promptly and consider having your windows evaluated for moisture leak issues.

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