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Throw a family-friendly Labor Day party

Labor Day is like the final hurrah before saying goodbye to summer. So don’t let your three-day Labor Day weekend slip by without a real celebration! Check out these fun and easy ways to throw a Labor Day bash fit for the whole family.

Game on!

Make sure there is plenty of kid-friendly entertainment in addition to adult fun. Toss diving sticks into the deep end of the pool for older kids and set up a kiddie pool for the little ones. Have old-fashioned contests like limbo and hula hoop — for the kids as well as the adults! Prepare a few silly and fun prizes for the game winners.

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Bag traditional backyard BBQ fare

After an entire summer eating picnic and BBQ fare, forgo hot dogs and burgers for an original menu that will please palates young and old. Opt for fresh salads, a veggie plate with cucumber dip or yogurt dip, mini sub sandwiches or finger sandwiches (toss in a classic PB&J for those really stubborn little eaters!), grilled vegetables and cut-up pieces of fresh seasonal fruit. Don’t forget an array of fun and simple (read: not too messy) finger-food desserts that little ones can grab on the go.

Keep adult and kid drinks separate

Designate one cooler for the kids packed with small water bottles, juice boxes and even mini milk containers.

Keep the adult beverages in a separate area. Create a bar out of your countertop or in an area of your kitchen or backyard that guests can easily access and serve themselves. Pre-mix pitchers of refreshing summertime cocktails and don’t forget non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers.

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Keep it early

If your family friendly Labor Day party goes late into the night, you’ll likely have to suffer through at least a few meltdowns. Avoid such drama by adjusting your party time. Depending on the little partygoers’ ages, start your party in the mid to late afternoon (ideal for pool parties!) and plan on wrapping up around 8 or 9 p.m. Make sure guests know they are free to come and go as they please to accommodate their kids’ nap or bedtime schedules.

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Enlist the help of a teen

If you have a teenager or two among your group of party guests, enlist their help with organizing some play time for the younger kids while the adults mingle and relax. Throw some cash their way to show you appreciate the extra help!

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