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The best stroller accessories for Baby

Practical, simple, fun and head-turning accessories to spice up your stroller and make the most of your time while out and about. These simple accessories can make a huge difference in the comfort of both you and your baby.

Must-have stroller accessories for parents

Most strollers come with a nice variety of practical features for Baby and parents, but some strollers need a little extra when it comes to accessories — especially accessories for parents. These must-have stroller accessories are universal and can be used on almost any stroller, but most importantly, they make life easier for parents while traveling or running errands. They’re also helpful for shopping trips, daily exercise or general everyday use.

A sturdy cup holder is a must for on-the-go parents. The Valco Baby Universal Cup Holder (Valco Baby, $15) attaches to most strollers and provides a firm grip to accommodate many different cup and bottle sizes.

While traveling it’s important to protect your investment with a stroller travel bag. A universal and heavy-duty stroller bag like the Stokke Pram Pack (Stokke, $170) accommodates most strollers and keeps your stroller safe with the built-in reinforced plastic ribs and strong plastic plate. The Pram Pack is approved and recommended by most major airlines and can be wheeled behind you for easy travel.

While it’s likely you’ll carry your diaper bag with you while out and about, you never know how much you’ll need and love a parent organizer for the stroller until you actually have one. The Britax Stroller Organizer (Britax, $30) works with most strollers and collapses, allowing it to stay in position while folding and storing the stroller. With two flexible cup holders, front pocket for small essentials and a large middle pocket, you can easily store your phone, keys, a small baby toy, pacifier, bottle or sippy cup and a water bottle for you — for quick and easy access at a moment’s notice.

A place to securely store your purse, shopping bags or memorabilia from amusement parks and attractions is important for those all-day adventures. The Mommy Hook (Keen Distributions, $10) frees up your under basket and securely holds your bags from the side of your stroller and helps to make trips from the car to the house a lot easier. Just make sure you use it with a sturdy stroller and remember to never compromise the stability of your stroller.

Whether you’re a leisurely walker or avid jogger, it’s nice to have a secure place to hold your phone. The Text Hook (Text Hook, $26) is the ultimate smartphone holder for parents with an active lifestyle. Play and be able to safely and quickly see your music choices for your baby and you while enjoying the outdoors.

Protect your stroller’s handlebar from the wear and tear of getting it in and out of the car, folding, sun exposure and normal, everyday use with a handlebar cover or covers. City Grips (City Grips, $13) comes in two different styles — one for strollers with a single handlebar and one for strollers with a double handlebar. City Grips fit all strollers and keep your foam or rubber handlebar clean and protected.

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Must-have stroller accessories for babies and kids

Make your child’s stroller even more comfortable with practical accessories made just for him. When Baby is happy, everyone is happy and a happy baby in a stroller is ideal for outings and traveling.

Keep toys close by, within Baby’s reach and off the dirty ground with a toy strap. The toy strap from Loopy Gear (Loopy Gear, $16) safely attaches to the stroller or Baby’s wrist to keep toys within a close range.

It’s a good idea to keep a second set of harness pads on hand — either in your diaper bag, in your car or at home. While most strollers come with harness pads, some do not. And even if your stroller comes complete with a padded harness, the pads are usually the first thing to get soiled or dirty from spit-up, drool and/or spilled milk from a bottle or sippy cup. The CushyStraps (Summer Infant, $6) are machine washable, attach easily and fit on all strollers.

Adequate sun protection is important for the safety and comfort of your child. If your stroller doesn’t have a large sun canopy, a shade like the RayShade (Summer Infant, $16) can be easily attached to any stroller and provides a generous amount of protection for Baby’s legs while seated and helps to darken the stroller while reclined when Baby is napping.

A stroller liner has many practical uses that are convenient to both Baby and parents. The Memory Foam Stroller Liner (Skip Hop, $30) keeps your stroller clean and protected — extending the life of the stroller and making it easier to clean — and gives Baby a ventilated, padded seat for a more comfortable ride.

Some strollers are approved from birth, but not all of them come standard with an infant insert. The Head and Body Support Pillow (Britax, $30) is reversible and can be used in a stroller or car seat to cradle and support your infant’s head, neck and body.

Keep baby warm during the winter months or cool evenings with a stroller blanket. But not just any stroller blanket… The All-Weather Woobee (Rain or Shine Kids, $58) securely attaches to the sides of the stroller to keep the blanket in place and covering your child, not the ground.

Don’t forget your older child! Long outings and travel can be hard on an older child. The Stroller Board (Britax, $90) attaches to most strollers and gives a preschooler or older sibling a place to rest his tired feet.

When using your stroller as a travel system (with the car seat securely attached to the stroller with an included or optional infant car seat adapter), it’s important to protect your little one from the sun’s rays, unwanted germs and stranger’s fingers. The Oh Baby Chic Paparazzi Pod infant car seat cover (Oh Baby Chic, $60) securely attaches to most infant car seats and can be used while the seat is attached to your stroller, without interfering with the stability and attachment of the car seat.

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