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Cloth diapers you’re sure to love

Sunbaby cloth diaperSunbaby

Sunbaby diapers (Sunbaby Diapers, $60 for 12) are fast gaining followers around the world with their constant releasing of new and incredibly adorable prints and colors. Based in China and extremely inexpensive, these pocket diapers have become a staple in many a mama’s stash. As the prints often go out of stock soon after release, Sunbaby diapers have the tendency to become collector’s items as well.

Though both sizes are considered “one size,” Sunbaby does come in two distinct sizes — Size 1 is more appropriate for skinny babes and Size 2 works better with chubbier infants. They both feature a snap-down rise and a couple different varieties of inserts, from standard microfiber to bamboo.

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