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Cloth diapers you’re sure to love

SoftBums cloth diapersSoftBums

SoftBums are a super-attractive, soft and unique cloth diapering system with options galore. The Softbums Echo system (SoftBums, $35) have several options to choose from. The shells have either a snap or aplix closure, and you have your choice of snap-in inserts, ranging from stay-dry microfiber to thirsty bamboo. The inserts, called pods, are designed to fit perfectly inside each shell so you only have to switch out the pod with each diaper change. The Softbums Omni system (SoftBums, $25) operates as a pocket diaper with a generously-sized pocket opening.

Both feature a singular sizing system called Slide2Slide. This unique SoftBums leg elastic allows for infinite sizing for a super fit from extra small to extra large and absolutely everything in between. This gives your baby a soft seal at the leg, gently locking in messes and wetness.

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