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Cloth diapers you’re sure to love

AppleCheeks cloth diapersAppleCheeks

AppleCheeks are a delightful and luxurious cloth diapering system that leaves you plenty of options. The AppleCheeks Envelope Covers (Kelly’s Closet, $19) come in a range of gorgeous shades and pair well with several types of inserts. They are unique because the inserts can either be laid in the shell and replaced when wet or soiled, like an all-in-two diaper, or stuffed in the pocket to be used as a traditional pocket diaper.

The envelope opening is large, making for very easy stuffing and a hands-free insert removal — it agitates itself out in the wash. The elastic is strong, yet gentle on Baby’s waist and thighs, and the three-ply bamboo inserts are nearly bulletproof for heavy wetters.

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