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Best bilingual toys for kids

We all know that the best time for your kids to learn a foreign language is when they are young. By exposing your children to bilingual talking toys from the time they are babies, you’ll be able to lay the groundwork for mastering a foreign language in the future.

If you want your child to learn Spanish, check out some of our favorite bilingual toys that your kids will love.

Talking Kitchen

Talking Kitchen

Kids love playing house and this pint-sized kitchen is perfect for young toddlers. This Talking Kitchen (Chicco, $50) offers three different play modes — Sing and Learn, Melodies and Kitchen sounds. It features five removable accessories and a variety of ways to inspire your child’s creativity, imagination and language skills.

Flip N Learn Game

Bilingual Flip N Learn

This bilingual educational puzzle is geared toward kids ages 2 and up. It teaches numbers, letters and shapes by using speech and music. Kids can play the game in either the Learn or Quiz mode. This Bilingual Flip N Learn game (Growing Bilingual, $19) is perfect for your toddler or preschooler to enhance his language skills and more.

Teddy Count-With-Me

Teddy Count-With-Me

For babies and young toddlers, start out with a toy that is cuddly, cute and bilingual. With Teddy Count-With-Me (Chicco, $50), your little one can learn his first letters and numbers, while developing language skills in both English and Spanish. You’ll find that the colorful, soft Teddy soon will be your little one’s new favorite toy.

Learn & Groove Table

Learn & Groove Musical Table

Your kids will adore the award-winning Learn & Groove Musical Table (LeapFrog, $40). It features more than 40 learning songs, as well as sparkling lights, fun colors and plenty of ways for your kids to develop motor skills. In Learning mode, babies and toddlers can explore letters, numbers, colors and more in both English and Spanish.

Beyond toys

Language exposure isn’t just about toys. It’s also about daily exposure. Introduce your child to different languages and cultures through books, music, food and more. If you want your little one to learn both English and Spanish (or another language), start when he is young. One of the easiest places to begin is with counting and colors. You’ll find that kids can pick up on a foreign language easier than you can possibly imagine. By integrating different languages and cultures into their lives from the start, you can teach them a valuable skill for their future.

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