Minivans to martinis: What moms won’t give up (for nothin’!)

You might know your minivan is so “soccer mom” or your need to knock back a cocktail at the end of a long day with the kids is so “Sippy cups and Chardonnay” of you, but you don’t care. They may be mom cliches, but these are the things that make you the mom you are — and, well, you’re proud! We asked moms to tell us what “mommy stuff” they wouldn’t give up for nothin’!

The mom bag

Most of the time being a mom isn’t about fashion, it’s about necessity. Jodie Heisner loves what she calls her ”big mom purse.” ”I always have what everyone needs (from Band-Aids to extra undies.) Plus, I always have room to hold the extras (hubby’s wallet, sippy cups etc… ).”

The mom mobile

As mothers, we all know that our vehicle is more about convenience than anything else. (A convertible would be nice, but where would we put everything?) Shawna from Arizona loves her mom mobile and for good reason: She’s mom to a 3-year-old and 5-month-old twins. “I don’t care what people say; I love my minivan. I call it my swagger wagon, and it just makes me so happy. It’s easy to get my kids in and out of (as easy as possible with a brood like mine), and it handles really well.”

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The ”mom jeans”

Thankfully, there weren’t any moms who claimed that wearing high-waisted jeans circa 1995 was their thing (because, let’s face it, no one needs to see that!). But there were plenty of mothers who admitted that comfortable clothing came before anything else — even if it meant they were clad in something, well, ugly.

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Mona Shand, mommy blogger and mother of three from Michigan says, ”For me, it’s sleeping in ugly flannel PJs, T-shirts, and generally junky but super-comfy gear. Some may call it sex-repellent, but hey, we have 3 kids so obviously it’s not a huge issue. I’m a stylish, professionally dressed woman by day. When I go to bed I just want to be done with it all!”

Jaimee, mother of two from California laughs, ”I wear the same hat every day when I drop my son off at school. I have to prioritize who gets their hair done first in the morning and I’m always last in line.” Jaimee adds, ”I also can’t leave home without my tennis shoes. At 5’3″ I know that my legs look like cut-down tree stumps in shorts with socks and tennies on but I know that I will be trekking up a grass hill while holding a 30-pound child in one arm, a backpack slung over my shoulder and another child tugging at my other arm, so flip flops are not an option for this mommy.”

The bath

You may remember the Calgon, take me away commercial from a few decades ago. A woman, presumably a mother, sinks into her Calgon-filled sudsy tub after a long day and all of her troubles disappear into the bathwater. Amber Dusick, mother of two from California, admits it’s cliche, but says, as a mom, she needs her own Calgon-esque experience. After a rough day with the kids all I want is a long, relaxing bath in the ’Calgon, take me away style,’ except minus the Calgon and plus a glass of wine.

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