Chasing the Dream: Make social media work for you

Social media allows you to connect with others like you and share and learn from them. There are so many great moms already out there using it to chat, market and more. And the best thing? It doesn’t have to take you away from your kids. Here’s how you can use social media to support your dreams and make them happen.

When you are a mom with big dreams, harnessing social media can be key to your success.

What is Hootsuite?

It’s a tool that allows you to manage accounts across several social networks all in one place. You can schedule posts and tweets there as well, allowing you to keep a consistent message without having to be present all the time.

“Use social media (Twitter and Facebook) to connect with industry influencers, the media and stakeholders to expand your network and begin communicating your messages (Twitter can be used to pitch the media your story, and Facebook can be used to connect with stakeholders). Use Hootsuite to streamline social media,” says Kristin Marquet, president of Marquet Communications.

Why it matters

Does adding social media to your already full plate feel like just too much? We get it, but to thrive in this digital marketplace, a social presence is a must. Furthermore, it needs to really reflect you. “Your digital reputation is your reputation,” says Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business. “For a chance to have success, your voice has to be your own. Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Once you have that, figure out what the interest of your customers, readers [are]. It’s more important to be interested in them (what they want, like, etc.) than to be interesting.”

And the benefit to this? Through engagement with people on social sites, you build recognition, trust and a following. “By personally interacting with your potential clients, peers and social audience, you are able to connect with them personally which makes a big impact on them. Show them that you care and they will care about you in return,” says Jayme Pretzloff, online marketing director for Wixon Jewelers, a Minneapolis-based jewelry store.

How to engage


There’s no denying that Facebook is huge. Create a fan page. Post discussion prompts, interesting articles and links to things you’ve written (or that have been written about you). Be sure to respond to comments.
Automate? For some links and weekend posts, it’s OK. But you probably won’t reach as many of your fans because of how Facebook treats posts from APIs.


Twitter is all about the conversation so jump right in. Post topical tidbits that pertain to your focus — and also put a personal spin on your business. Also, post links to articles you’ve written (or that have been written about you).
Automate? If you are posting links from your blog, automate these to send out. But since Twitter is about engagement, you need to be present to really make a difference.


Pinterest is a highly visual medium where you can share visuals from around the web. Be sure to always pin directly from the originating site. Create boards with clear titles. Be sure the topics pertain to your business focus.
Automate? No, there is no way to automate Pinterest posting. But that’s OK. Part of the fun is finding fresh, visually appealing items and sharing them right away.

Keeping the time manageable

Don’t panic. Yes, it sounds like a lot. But the key to good social media management is regularly using it — and managing the time you devote to it. Plan an hour into your day to devote to social media management. It could be every day. It could be every few days. It could be a couple times a week. Just make sure you stay consistent with it.

What about Twitter parties?

You’ve probably seen Twitter parties, which are like virtual cocktail parties where brands can engage in a set time frame with fans. Sometimes prizes are given. Often they follow a theme. But is the time and investment worth it? Although Qualman says that Twitter parties are more hype, he notes that they can have good longtime ROI. “Over time the more you can engage with your customer (whether it’s a Twitter party or something else) the more your company will benefit. If they are at your Twitter party, guess where they aren’t? With your competitor,” says Qualman.

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