Photo opp: Fun ways to capture memories of your baby

Nov 1, 2012 at 4:52 a.m. ET

Every day brings another first for newborns, and you'll want to capture these special moments!

mom and baby taking photo with dslr camera

From the moment your baby is born, there are a series of "firsts" to capture in photos. Memorable times include the first moment with mom, first moment with dad, first time on the scales, first outfit and first time meeting grandparents, relatives and special friends. Photographing these special times creates your baby's documentary and a way to preserve the memories — and even makes a special gift for those who are part of the story.

New angles

One way to get great shots of your baby is to get down on their level. Instead of taking a picture from above or trying to zoom in, lay down on the floor with them. You can get great shots that look more intimate by being close — either move in physically or use a longer focal length. The result will be pictures that look like you've entered their world rather than viewing it from a distance. A longer focal length is better than pushing a big (and possibly scary) lens too close to your baby's face.

You adore their cute little fingers and toes, those tiny ears and those chubby thighs, so why not zoom in on them? Make a hand, an ear, a foot or a smiling mouth the complete focus of the shot. Doing this accentuates the details that are often missed in action shots, and these details can be especially pleasing when captured on black-and-white film.

Be prepared

Quick Tip

Start a photo album for your child and add duplicate copies of favorite pictures. You'll create the perfect future wedding gift!

Be on the lookout for times of day when your baby seems most settled and content and looks at you with wide eyes and a smile tugging at their lips. Keep your camera close, because there will be moments you'll regret missing — when your baby does something cute, funny, disgusting or endearing that you'll catch only if the camera is handy. A good camera is an excellent investment, and a parent favorite is the Canon EOS Rebel T4i DSLR. This camera gives phenomenal image quality and has fast, intuitive operation and plenty of features to appreciate, including capabilities for shooting great videos with impressive sound. Keep shooting, because your baby changes every day!

Play with light sources, and try pictures with natural sunlight to avoid letting a flash setting upset your child. While they're not harmful, camera flashes can be startling to a baby, and the result might be a picture of a screaming or crying subject. Natural daylight or lamplight and diffused lighting is less disturbing to the subject of your photo shoot.

We're so smitten with our newborns that we could happily capture every day in pictures, but pick your moments. It's important to capture memories, but also important to know when to put down the camera to pick up the baby and make those memories. It's all about balance.

Fun with baby

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