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Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids

Our children face an increasing number of issues at school each day — from bullying to drug and alcohol abuse — and it’s our job to ensure that they’re informed and making good choices. How can you stay ahead of the game and be informed about these issues before they affect your children? That is the mission of Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids.

Mom talking to tween

Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids (MASK) was created in 2007 by a group of mothers who were concerned about the issues facing their children. They recognized that if parents could be properly educated about these rapidly-changing issues, they could help their children learn to make good decisions. With this goal in mind they created MASK and have turned it into a go-to source of helpful information for both parents and children.

Staying informed

The MASK website provides an incredible amount of information and resources about a wide range of important topics facing our children today — from kindergarten all the way to college-age. Relevant topics are broken down into sections for elementary school, middle school and high school, with statistics and talking points for parents. Parents can utilize the resources that MASK provides as a way to open a dialogue with their children about a long list of serious issues. Staying informed about current trends and topics relating to children and teens is the first step a parent can take in keeping their children safe.

In addition to these informative articles, MASK also provides a list of pledges and conversation starters that parents can download and print for their own use as a family. A cell phone contract and a safe driving contract are included in the list, as well as checklists for safe sleepovers or talking to your children about sex. The more resources parents have available to them, the easier it will be to discuss the hard topics.

School-based component

MASK not only encourages parent-child dialogue at home about serious issues, they also provide reinforcement in the school setting and in the community. Speakers are available on a wide range of topics for either an assembly setting or small group discussions. Topics cover a wide variety of issues, including eating disorders, bullying, self-esteem workshops for boys or girls, alcohol or drug abuse, safe driving and tobacco.

MASK the magazine

The award-winning magazine was created as a way to bring the latest information and current topics right into your living room. Published four times each year, MASK magazine tackles a specific topic in each issue and examines how it affects children at all stages — from kindergarten to college-age. Each issue is full of conversation starters and information to help parents get a handle on the topics facing their children.

The mission of MASK is one all parents can stand behind — inform yourself so that you can empower your children.

More ways to help

Give back to your community: Donate your time
Support your favorite cause by shopping online
Volunteer activities that your teen will enjoy

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