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Plan a special Grandparents Day

There is something so special about the grandchild-grandparent relationship… Why not celebrate it? Check out these unique ideas and activities to make Grandparents Day fun for everyone this year.

Make this Grandparents Day (September 9, for your slackers!) extra special for your parents and your children by planning a fun outing for the whole family.

Plan a picnic

Can you think of a better way to spend a September Sunday than at the park? Pack an inspired picnic basket filled with artisan sandwiches (take some help from your local deli, if needed), fresh fruit and vegetables and a special dessert.

Pack the sand toys, Frisbee, soccer ball and croquet set for a fun-filled day in the sunshine with your kids’ favorite grandparents. Don’t forget a blanket and some books in case the grandparents and grandkids want to relax under a shady tree with a good read.

Split it up

If your daughter loves doing “girly things” with Grandma and your son is into strictly “boy things” with Grandpa, divide up the day. Send your son off to Grandpa’s with tickets to a baseball game and pre-pay an appointment at the local nail salon for your mom and your daughter. (Or vice versa — remember this day is all about celebrating the grandparents and how they like to spend time with your kids, aka their grandkids!).

Then plan for the twosomes to meet up with you and your husband for a fun dinner out at a noisy, kid-friendly restaurant. Better yet, make a big comfort meal at home like healthy shepherd’s pie or whole-grain spaghetti with turkey meatballs.

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Make a grandparent-grandchild photo album

This craft require a bit of preplanning but with photo sites like Shutterfly you can create a special photo album replete with pictures of your children with your parents and parents-in-law that they will cherish forever. Have your children help you select special photos that they want to include in their albums for their grandparents.

Then, on the big day, sit down together as a family to peruse the completed albums and rehash the funny/sweet/sentimental/awesome memories that have been forever captured.

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Don’t forget…

Before the big day, explain the importance of Grandparents Day to your children — no matter how young or old. Any child is lucky to have a special relationship with his grandparents… and I don’t know a grandparent out there who doesn’t love to spend time with their little grandchildren. However you decide to celebrate, make sure to thank the grandparents in your and your kids’ lives this year!

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