Schoolbags for kids

It’s back-to-school time already! This school year, when you buy your child a backpack, a backpack-full of school supplies can be donated to a child who desperately needs one.

Children in Africa with backpack

With just a click of your mouse, you’re helping a child in another part of the world get the school supplies he deserves.

What it is

Schoolbags for Kids is a company that sells kids’ backpacks with a one-here-one-there values proposition. For every schoolbag sold, one with school supplies will be given to a child in need around the world. You simply buy one and a kid in need receives one.

Why it was founded

It all began with a pencil.

In 2010, Luis Garcia decided to take a career break and embark on a far-reaching adventure that carried him to the corners of the earth, including Tanzania, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Ecuador. He volunteered at many orphanages and schools, teaching kids and seeking to understand their everyday lives.

While passing out pencils to Tanzanian school children, Luis was reminded of an ancient proverb: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” The saying played over and over in Luis’ mind as he tried to figure out how to empower these kids to create their own futures. Suddenly, Luis had the answer. He realized that the children had fishing instructors (their school teachers) and fishing poles (their school), but they didn’t have any bait … they lacked school supplies!

Four months later, Luis returned home to tell his friend Kalon Gutierrez of his travels and share what he had learned. The two agreed to partner together on a mission to equip children around the world with the supplies they need to empower themselves through education. On that day, Schoolbags for Kids was born with the pledge that for every schoolbag sold, one bag with school supplies will be given to a child in need. One here. One there.

How it’s making a difference

On the company’s website, you can click on schoolhouses around the world (India, Thailand and Belize) to see how Schoolbags for Kids is making a big difference in so many children’s lives. In India, for example, you’ll read about the Homes of Hope Orphanage and the girls that live there. They attend school where they learn, among other things, computer training. Because of Schoolbags for Kids, children who deserve to have the tools to learn and succeed can now have them.

How YOU can help

Simply browse the adorable backpacks available at the Schoolbags for Kids website, purchase one and they will automatically donate a bag stuffed with school supplies to a child in need. It’s that easy!

Schoolbags for kids backpacks

Schoolbags for kids backpacks

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