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The hottest new baby girl names of 2012

The hottest new baby girl names of the year are whimsical, unique and romantic. With names like Briella and Mila climbing the charts, it is interesting to note the influence of pop culture on names. From feminine names like Aria to cool unisex names like Charlee, find out which girl names are climbing up the charts the fastest.

Each year the Social Security Administration releases a list of the top baby names of the year — and this year Sophia was the girl name that was most popular among parents here in the U.S. What we find more interesting, however, is those names that have made the biggest jump on the list. Not only is this a great find to discover baby name trends, but it is also a fun way to find unique and cool names for your baby girl.

Last year the baby girl names Maci and Giuliana made the biggest jump. Who made the list this year?

Top 50 hottest new baby girl names

1. Briella
3. Aria
4. Mila
6. Nylah
7. Raelynn
8. Brynlee
10. June
11. Bristol
12. Aubree
14. Adalynn
15. Aubrie
16. Mckinley
17. Parker
18. Brynn
19. Gemma
20. Gia
21. Nyla
23. Aylin
24. Willow
25. Elliana
26. Charlie
27. Dylan
28. Londyn
29. Eloise
30. Adelyn
31. Caylee
32. Lyric
33. Cora
34. Quinn
35. Brielle
36. Luna
37. Kenzie
38. Harper
39. Hanna
40. Liana
41. Aleah
42. Jayleen
43. Ximena
44. Ada
46. Maci
47. Hazel
49. Alaina
50. Athena

Baby name trends

Briella is the hottest baby girl name of the year, jumping a whopping 394 spots from being ranked 891 the year before to 497 on the Social Security Administration’s top baby name list. Why the jump? The name could have caught the ear of parents who are fans of Briella Calafiore, the hairstylist from the Style network’s reality show Jerseylicious.

Angelique jumped 247 spots from one year to the next. This beautiful French name means “like an angel” and could have been inspired by Angelina Jolie or the character Angelique in the movie Dark Shadows, which was re-released this year.

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The raise in popularity of the name Mila could be inspired by Black Swan actress Mila Kunis. Nylah (and the alternative spelling Nyla) are both climbing the charts — and perhaps are inspired by the adorable cat Nylah who is a YouTube sensation?

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Names ending in –nn have a southern sound to them and are a huge trend among parents, including Raelynn, Adalynn and Quinn. Many parents are also switching the ending from -y or -ie to –ee, for example Brynlee, Aubree and Charlee.

Whimsical baby girl names are climbing the charts as well, including Olive, Eloise, Kinsley, Hazel and Cora.

For those that are curious, the names Brisa, Dana, Desiree and Denise showed the biggest drop in popularity from this year to the previous year.

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