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Beat the heat with active water toys

From sprinklers and water blasters to pool toys galore, there are tons of ways for kids and families to stay cool — and fit — during the dog days of summer.

“Nothing is more encouraging than the enjoyable warm weather to get outside and be active,” says Toy Industry Association (TIA) trend expert, Adrienne Appell. “Summertime is a great opportunity for kids to get up and [get] moving — and with a wide array of water toys to choose from, they can beat the heat, too!” The following toys are a few examples of the many playthings on the market that will have kids of all ages running, swimming, jumping and stretching in backyards, pools, and at the beach:


Toy Sand and Water Wheel

Beach play will reach new heights with the Toy Sand and Water Wheel (American Plastic Toys, $11) that features a top funnel, two different shaped wheels, a sieve, shovel and rake.


Flood Force Water Cannon

This fierce water shooter is perfect for pools. Simply place the base of the Flood Force Water Cannon (Swimways, $15 and up) in the pool, crank it to draw in water and unleash on a playmate!


Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm Blaster

This motorized blaster doesn’t require pumping — just pull the trigger and soak! Adults and kids of all ages love the Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm Blaster (Hasbro, $10).


Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

This adorable sprinkler “bouquet” connects to a garden hose, making it easy for little ones to keep cool. Your kids will love playing in the Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler (Melissa & Doug, $20) on those sizzling afternoons.


Surf Rider Slip ‘N Slide 16 ft. Slide

The perfect calorie-burning activity on a hot summer day, the Surf Rider Slip ‘N Slide (Wham-O, $10 and up) has a wall of water down the side and on the bumper, keeping the slide slippery and fun.


WaterWheel Play Table

A play table with a twist, this cooperative activity set for toddlers can hold up to four gallons of water and includes a waterwheel tower, boats and cup. The WaterWheel Play Table (Step2, $37) is geared toward kids ages 12 months to 4 years old.


Squishy Baff

Great for kiddie pools, Squishy Baff (SpinMaster, $20) turns ordinary water into colorful goo. Rinses away for a fuss-free clean-up.


Princess Dive Sticks

Older children will race to the bottom of the pool to see who can catch the most Princess Dive Sticks (Swimways, $13 and up)! Three of the following five characters come in a package: Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel.

Water safety

“Children should never be left alone near water sources, not even for a moment,” reminds Appell. “Water toys should be kept out of sight and reach when not being used so kids aren’t tempted to play in or near the water alone.”

Parents are also reminded to keep young bodies protected from the sun and heat with hats, sunglasses, drinking water, and a broad spectrum sunscreen… especially when engaging in active outdoor play.

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