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Create a homework corner for your kids

Even if your child’s bedroom is large enough for a desk, having an area specifically for homework is often a better choice for optimum productivity and learning.

Girl in homework nook

Whether it’s a corner in the living room or a space in the kitchen, we show you why it’s important to have a designated homework area and how to create one in your home.

Benefits of a homework corner

While you might think a desk in your child’s room is the optimum homework spot, think about all the distractions that might reside there. From books and toys to video games and whatever else they have stashed under the bed, homework may never get done. Giving kids a quiet place to call their own and concentrate, whether in a small corner of the kitchen or living room, or in a spare bedroom, can make a huge difference in how much they accomplish. Not to mention, if they need your help, they don’t have to feel like their private space (i.e., the bedroom) is being taken over by mom. The homework nook or corner might be dedicated to your child, but it’s still a more neutral space to tackle school work together.

What you need

Choose an area that gets a lot of light (if that’s not possible, invest in a good floor and/or desk lamp). Try and find a spot that doesn’t get too much foot traffic (the hallway or foyer isn’t the best option for this reason) and someplace you can fit a desk, chair and some kind of small storage or organizational unit. Here’s a simple checklist to help you get started:

  1. Desk (small but sturdy with drawers for storage)
  2. Chair (something comfortable with back support)
  3. Floor or desk lamp for optimum light
  4. Small shelf or area for books, papers, pens and other school supplies

Make a note: Get your child to pick out or design some aspects of the homework space. Whether it’s the desk lamp, neon-colored pen holders, a poster to go above the desk, let them personalize their homework corner.

Product picks

We rounded up a few fun pieces sure to please.

product picks -- homework corner

Desk: We love this space-saving, compact desk ($449) with a drawer and cabinet for easy storage (which can be positioned to either the right or left of the desk). Choose from white, chestnut or rich espresso.

Task lamp: Light up their workspace with this adorable lamp ($69) inspired by a gumball. We’re partial to the turquoise, but it also comes in orange.

Chair: No kid will be able to resist a swivel in this funky orange desk chair easily adjustable according to height ($199). It also comes in black and white.

To-do board: Lists are a great way to stay organized, so we suggest getting one of these handy desktop dry-erase boards for your kids’ homework corner ($13). The bright green color can’t be beat and it’s an eco-conscious way to make notes and stay organized.

Boxes: If there’s room on the desk, it’s a good idea to have a few options for easy organizing so the homework corner doesn’t become a disaster zone. We like this set of colorful boxes, trays and folders ($19).

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