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Top twin boy/girl names of 2012

The top twin boy/girl names last year were Madison and Mason, however did this power couple keep the top spot this year? The Social Security Administration just released their list of the top twin names of the year and it is interesting to see what twin baby names are on the list, as well as some newcomers that are working their way up. Check out the top twin boy/girl names of the year to help inspire you as you search for the perfect baby names for your double bundle of joy.

Girl-boy twins

Each year the Social Security Administration releases a list of the top twin baby names of the year, taken from births in the United States. For single births, Sophia and Jacob were the most popular baby names of the year, however that wasn’t the case for boy/girl twins.

Last year, Madison and Mason were the top twin boy/girl names of the year and they have kept their top spot this year. Taylor and Tyler were the second most popular twin names last year, however they have moved down to number 11 this year.

Who made the list? Check out the top 25 twin boy/girl names of the year.

Top boy/girl twin baby names

  1. Madison, Mason
  2. Olivia, Owen
  3. Jayda, Jayden
  4. Emma, Ethan
  5. Isabella, Isaiah
  6. Addison, Aiden
  7. Emily, Ethan
  8. Ava, Aiden
  9. Ella, Ethan
  10. Jada, Jaden
  11. Taylor, Tyler
  12. Abigail, Andrew
  13. London, Landon
  14. Morgan, Mason
  15. Olivia, Oliver
  16. Zoey, Zachary
  17. Isabella, Alexander
  18. Olivia, Ethan
  19. Madison, Michael
  20. Abigail, Benjamin
  21. Sophia, Alexander
  22. Emily, Matthew
  23. Emma, John
  24. Mackenzie, Mason
  25. Michelle, Michael

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Twin baby name trends

Twin names that start with the same letter are a popular choice, with the top 16 names all showing this trend. It is not until number 17, with Alexander and Isabella, that we see names that start with a different letter.

The popularity of old-fashioned names is evident on the list, with names like Abigail and Andrew appearing on the top 25 this year. Other old-fashioned names on the list include Charlotte and Henry (number 27) and Elizabeth and William (number 28).

Twin baby names that have the same root word, such as Jay for Jayden and Jayla or Jayda and Jayden, as well as Adrian and Adriana and Natalie and Nathan, are another hot baby name trend for twins.

Celebrity twin baby names

Celebrity parents steered away from giving their boy/girl twins names beginning with the same letter. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave their twins the cool vintage names Vivienne and Knox, as did Julia Roberts when she named her twins Hazel and Phinneas. Actor Neil Patrick Harris named his kids the very trendy names of Gideon and Harper, while Dennis Quaid picked the cool names Thomas and Zoe. Many thought that Jennifer Lopez was inspired by the cartoon Dragon Tales when she and her husband at the time, Marc Anthony, named their twins Max and Emme.

Lastly, how can we forget Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, whom they affectionally call “dem babies.”

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