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Monthly subscription boxes for moms and kids

You’ve probably heard the buzz from friends and online about monthly subscription boxes like Wittlebee and Birchbox, but what exactly are they? Delivering hand-picked products to you each month, typically based on preferences you’ve given, these services send everything from baby clothes to beauty products to craft projects for your kids. We’ve pulled together a list of the best boxes for moms and kids, including how much they cost and what each subscription actually includes.



How it works: Wittlebee sends you a box of hand-picked clothes for your little one (up to age 5), based on your preferences. Each box contains a variety of clothes (typically 6-8 pieces) from favorite brands such as Tea Collection, Small Paul and Baby GAP. Moms who would rather change a blow-out diaper than shop for clothes for her kids, this monthly subscription box is for you!

Price per month: $39.99 (shipping included) for approximately $100 worth of clothes.

Sign up: Online at


Storyville Coffee

How it works: Moms need coffee and they need it bad. Joining Storyville Coffee Company’s Private Reserve Program insures that you will never run out of your precious caffeine fix. Choose from weekly or bi-weekly deliveries and Storyville will ship out freshly roasted beans without you having to think twice about it.

Price per month: $12.99 to $14.99 per week (shipping included) for a half-pound bag of coffee beans

Sign up: Online at


Kiwi Crate

How it works: Designed with kids ages 3-7 in mind, Kiwi Crate is a month subscription box that is sure to keep your kiddos busy at least long enough to let you wash and dry your hair! Your Kiwi Crate will come with a different theme each month, including materials and instructions to engage your kids in arts and crafts, science, imagination fun and more.

Price per month: $19.95 (shipping included) with the option to add additional materials to the crate for $7.95 per month — a great option for siblings!

Sign up: Online at



How it works: Filled with goodies that have been picked especially for the newborn to age 3 crowd, TeetheMe boxes are packed with the best of the best products for the littlest ones, helping you find new brands that you’ll fall in head over stroller for. How perfect would a TeetheMe subscription be for a baby shower gift?

Price per month: $24 (shipping included) for approximately a $50 value of products. Sign up for six or 12 months at a time and receive a discount on your boxes.

Sign up: Online at



How it works: The elements of each BabbaBox are sure to get the mind of your 3- to 6-year-old going! With multiple projects in each month’s box that will get them to create, explore, story-tell and connect, there’s a little bit of everything in a BabbaBox. Each BabbaBox is customized to your child’s exact age to maximize the fun!

Price per month: $29.99 (shipping included) or sign up for an annual subscription and receive two BabbaBoxes for free.

Sign up: Online at



How it works: While we love all the kid-centric subscription boxes available, Birchbox deliveries are all for you! Each month, your box will contain a handful of generously sized samples of the newest, hottest and up-and-coming beauty products. The products are customized to your profile preferences to make sure they’re the right fit for you. There can be a waiting list to join at times — often up to four weeks. Psst! They have boxes for men too!

Price per month: $10, shipping included.

Sign up: Online at


Little Passports

How it works: Score one for Little Passports, not only for their innovative monthly subscription box that will take your kids on a trip around the world, but for being one of the only services where the story builds from month-to-month, keeping your child engaged and curious about what’s to come! The first box includes everything they’ll need to follow Sam and Sophia on their global adventure, with additional deliveries featuring individual countries for subsequent months. Recommended for children ages 5-10.

Price per month: $10.95 to $13.95, depending on the package you select.

Sign up: Online at


Wonder Box

How it works: From the minds behind the fantastic website, Wonder Box brings together the best resources in education for your 3- to 6-year-old, in a tangible activity box. There are three full activities in each Wonder Box delivery, including materials that are high-quality (as in, they won’t fall apart after five minutes with your 4-year-old!) and focused on kindergarten prep. But, don’t mind the fact that they’ll probably be learning something as they play with their Wonder Box — the No. 1 factor for Wonder Boxes are always to make sure they are fun!

Price per month: $19.99, shipping included.

Sign up: Online at



Picky Bunny

How it works: Does wading through the 12-month section at your local consignment store make you want to hide under your kitchen table? Yeah, us too. Via Pickybunny, you can have a selection of hand-picked, gently used baby or kid’s clothes delivered to you every month — no digging required! We love that you can choose your subscription level based on the brands you love (anywhere from Circo to Zutano) and that requests such as “no clothing with characters” are taken seriously.

Price per month: Starting at $19.99.

Sign up: Online at




How it works: Put those annoying “buy six books and get 12 free” programs that have been around for decades (and usually end up costing a fortune!) out of your mind. This monthly book subscription program is a huge leap ahead. GiftLit allows you to purchase a subscription for three, six or 12 months, and narrow down the category of books for your child (for example, board books or mysteries for ages 8-10) and then they send a selection of appropriate choices once a month, as chosen by the GiftLit experts. And, GiftLit isn’t just for kids — they have a similar program for adults too!

Price per month: Approximately $55; varies based on the category of books selected.

Sign up: Online at

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