6 Reasons to start your morning 30 minutes earlier

Whether you’re a morning person or not, you’d be amazed at how much a difference half an hour can make when it comes to getting your day off on the right foot. We asked real moms and experts to share their number one reasons why you should start waking up just a tad bit sooner. Um, hello, “me” time, anyone!?

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To have enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast

One really powerful reason for moms to start their day earlier is to eat breakfast, says Rachel Begun, M.S., R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Breakfast eaters are less likely to be overweight than non-breakfast eaters.” Yes, you can grab breakfast on the go, she notes, but we also know that people are more satisfied from meals when they have taken the time to sit down without distractions and pay attention to the food that they’re eating.

Editor of The Luxury Spot and mom Bryce Gruber definitely agrees. “I don’t always do it, but two to three times a week I have early days that result in healthier breakfasts,” she says. “I eat sauteed veggies with eggs and cut up melons, as opposed to the usual banana in whole grain cereal trick. Truthfully, it’s these mornings that sort of get the whole day running smoothly and give me a little peace of mind when things start getting crazy in the afternoon.”

To get in the right mindset for the day

According to Marsha Lucas, a neuropsychologist with a psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C., and author of Rewire Your Brain for Love, starting your morning half an hour earlier gives you ample time to set the tone of your nervous system for the day. “The simple practice of mindfulness — no pretzel-positions or mantras required — helps your brain and neurotransmitters get into an optimal ‘set’ for the day. In turn, this provides you with better emotional resilience and response flexibility.” Even better, adds Lucas, in as little as three weeks of mindfulness practice, your brain responds by creating new neural pathways that support healthier relationships with your kids, your spouse and yourself!

To enjoy some “me” time

As a mom, starting your day 30 minutes earlier gives you time to check your emails, drink your coffee in peace and even do some meditation or stretching, explains Rania Batayneh, M.P.H., nutritionist, America’s Eating Strategist and owner of Essential Nutrition For You. “The benefits really boil down to ‘me’ time (mom’s energy time!), so that I’m better prepared for the day ahead.”

To get things done around the house

You can do so much with just an extra half hour, especially if your kids are still asleep, notes mom Amanda Norvell. “I like to put in a load of laundry every morning; it eases the stress of doing an entire day’s worth, and it’s presorted so it makes it simpler. I also like to tidy up my house,” she adds. “Not full on cleaning, just picking up in each room.”

To squeeze in a workout

“As a holistic health and wellness consultant, I often encourage my clients to wake up earlier so they can spend some time working out,” says Claudia Olivie of Heart Rhythms Living. “Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise will give you more energy throughout the day and really get your blood pumping,” something we know all moms can benefit from.

To get yourself ready

Last but not least, Beverly Hills psychotherapist (and mother to a two-year-old) Barbara Neitlich says you can utilize this time to put on some makeup and do your hair so you don’t feel completely disheveled throughout the day. “Getting up 30 minutes earlier is a win-win situation for any mom. One of the most important things as a mother/caretaker is to remember to take good care of yourself.” Ah yes, we completely agree!

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