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Best calendars for busy moms

Between juggling your work schedule, family events and kids’ activities, life can get a little hectic. You need to stay organized and on top of things or you may start to miss deadlines or important events. One thing that can really help is a good calendar.

woman typing calendar into laptop

While some moms like an old-fashioned wall calendar, others prefer a calendar program on their computers or a calendar app on their smartphones. No matter which method you prefer, you can find a wide variety of terrific choices. Keep your family organized with these top calendars for busy moms.

Wall calendars

Quick tip: 
Post your calendar in a central location, such as in the kitchen or by the front door, where everyone can see what’s happening for the day or week right before leaving the house.

Though technology is great, for some families, a good old-fashioned wall calendar is best.

You’ll love Amy Knapp’s Big Grid Family Organizer (Amazon, $10). This large 17-month calendar features an oversized grid where you can keep track of appointments, events, chores and so much more. It even has color-coded stickers to indicate each person’s activities at a glance. Another terrific choice is the More Time Moms Family Organizer (More Time Moms, $16). This extra-large grid calendar features 260 appointment and reminder stickers plus an extra-large pocket for bills and other paperwork.

If you are looking for a perpetual calendar, check out this laminated jumbo wall calendar (Amazon, $27). With this wipe-off calendar, your family won’t miss another appointment. It features extra-large squares that are lightly lined to help keep writing neat and visible.

Calendar apps

For busy moms on the go, calendar apps are a must-have. With your smartphone, you can create a family calendar to record and track everything from appointments and events to shopping lists and to-do lists. Here are few of our favorite calendar apps.

CAlengoo app


If you use Google Calendar on your computer at home or the office, you’ll love how easy it is to access and modify your calendar on the go with CalenGoo (Apple, $7). This app has a terrific interface and even allows you to update your calendar when you have no internet connection by using the cached data. You simply save your changes, and then they are uploaded the next time you connect.
MiCal app


This award-winning calendar app has a very user-friendly interface, and it allows unlimited events and reminders. This iPhone app supports Outlook, Facebook Events, Google Calendar and every other third-party calendar that can be synchronized with the iPhone. With miCal (Apple, $2), you can set events down to five-minute intervals, show the address of events and activities in map view, and even get detailed weather forecasts.
Cozi app


Cozi helps moms organize their family calendar, plan meals, create shopping lists, manage to-do lists, record milestones in a family journal and much more. Cozi is actually an online calendar program, as well as a mobile app that is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You can learn more about this free calendar at

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