Getting started with bento boxes

When making a bento box-style lunch for you and your family, it is essential to include lots of textures, colors and a well-rounded assortment of food groups. Most importantly, have fun knowing the joy you’ll be bringing to the child (or adult) who will love your lunch creation!

completed funny face bagel bento box lunch

For this Funny Face Bagel Lunch, there is a funny face turkey sandwich with baby spinach hair, cherry tomato nose, olive eyes and turkey pepperoni tongue. For the sides, there are carrot hearts on top of fresh broccoli, with grape and strawberry hearts for dessert. Let me show you how easy it is to create this bento box lunch for your loved ones.


Grab your container

First, gather your lunch container. For this bento box lunch, I am using an EasyLunchBox, a silicone muffin cup and some food picks. The silicone muffin cups are a great way to add color, are removable for reheating and are microwave-safe. Don’t have any food picks? Toothpicks will work just great for this lunch.

bento box lunch step 1


Start with the sandwich

Next, let’s make the main attraction of this lunch — the funny face! I used a bagel thin, but a regular bagel would also work just fine. Start by creating your child’s favorite sandwich. Here, I am using turkey, cheese and mayo. Line the top half of the sandwich with baby spinach to make the “hair.”bento box lunch step 2


Add the face

For the face, I am using two black olive slices for the eyes, a cherry tomato nose and half a slice of turkey pepperoni for the tongue.

bento box lunch step 3


Create the mouth

To create the mouth, carefully cut a small incision the size of your pepperoni. Slide the pepperoni into the incision. Push it in until you feel it is secure.

bento box lunch step 4


Add the eyes and nose

Lastly, put on your olive eyes and place the cherry tomato nose into the center hole of the bagel. I used a dab of mayo to hold the eyes in place. If you have older children, you could also use a couple toothpicks to attach and hold eyes into place.

bento box lunch step 5


Create heart carrots

Now let’s move onto our heart carrots. Make two angled slices at both ends of a baby carrot.bento box lunch step 6


Form a heart

Place those ends together, to form a heart.bento box lunch step 7


Insert food pick

Secure the carrot heart with a food pick or toothpick.bento box lunch step 8


Create strawberry hearts

To make your strawberries into hearts, simply cut a small “V” out of the top of the strawberry. Place them on food picks with some grapes, pineapple or melon, and you have a healthy, beautiful dessert any kid would love!bento box lunch step 9bento box step 9b


Add to lunchbox

Place all of your bento box lunch creations in a lunchbox, and you have made your very own Funny Face Bagel Lunch.

finished bento box lunch

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