10 Cute lunchboxes for back-to-school

It’s back-to-school time and last year’s lunchbox is history. Check out these adorable designs for your kids that make it cool to bring lunch to school.

School lunches have changed — kids don’t just bring a brown paper bag with a boring sandwich and apple inside anymore. Noontime treats have evolved to include all sorts of interesting and kid-friendly munchies, many of which require a bit of ice or insulation to keep them fresh. When it comes to keeping your lunch as fresh as your look, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 10 lunchboxes that will have your kids begging to pack their lunch.

polka dots lunch bag

Dots cute

What’s happier than polka dots? This cute polka dots lunch bag ($10) comes in black, pink or blue and sports a detachable shoulder strap. The outside is made of canvas and the inside is insulated for keeping your lunch fresh. This little tote is so fun, you may find yourself borrowing it from the kids over the weekend.

butterfly lunch bag tote

Fly girl

Does your girl love butterflies? This butterfly lunch bag tote ($10) has a cute design without seeming too young for your big girl. It has a unique shape that will fit many different shapes of lunch containers. Made of strong material with a leak-proof lining, this lunchbox will be around until that last day of school.

monkey lunch bag

Want a banana?

Who doesn’t love their little monkey? This fun monkey lunch bag ($34) will not only carry your little one’s lunch, but is roomy enough for a banana on the side. It is made of water-resistant material and is machine washable. The bright colors and easy-grip handle will make this lunch bag a favorite.

Batman dual-compartment lunchbox

Classic superhero

Have you ever seen a lunchbox with a superhero cape? This Batman dual-compartment lunchbox ($14) is not only retro-Batman cool, it wears a cape just like the Dark Knight. The two compartments for storing food and drink are insulated to keep your child’s food fresher. Now who’s the superhero?

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Colton lunch bag

Power lunch

Older kids can be hard on lunchboxes. The Colton lunch bag ($30 to $35) is made of durable, water-resistant ripstop polyester that will stand up to any playground. It comes in lime green, purple, pink, blue and orange — one of which is sure to please your kid. Add a personalization, and you may never have a lost lunchbox again.

Mackenzie chocolate owl lunchboxes

Who loves lunch?

Your kid, that’s who — with one of these adorable Mackenzie chocolate owl lunchboxes ($23). Made to last, this lunchbox is durable and moisture resistant, with enough room for a thermos of soup to go along with that sandwich.

comic strip ClassMate lunchbox

For your comic

The pattern on this comic strip ClassMate lunchbox ($25) is classic Sunday comics — including the action words. Food stays refrigerator-cold for up to five hours with an ice pack, and the seamless interior is easy to clean. A rigid bottom and sides keep your lunch from being crushed.

Red Blossom bento box

Big on bento

Bento boxes are hot right now, and when your girl sits down at the lunchroom table with the Red Blossom bento box ($20) she’s sure to turn heads. This bento box is easy to clean and comes with a carrying case for easy transport to school.

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Roxy Kids cafeteria lunch sack

Too cool for school

Does your older daughter roll her eyes when you suggest cute lunchboxes for school? Check out this Roxy Kids cafeteria lunch sack ($20) that looks more like a cool backpack than a lunchbox. It has an adjustable cross-body shoulder strap to make carrying easier and a cool signature pattern.

Lunch Bunch by Vera Bradley

Classy carry

When your girl wants a lunchbox that isn’t plain vanilla, check out the 15 cute patterns available on the Lunch Bunch by Vera Bradley ($34). The shape allows you to store it easily in your backpack, or you can opt to carry it alone by the handles. With patterns this cute, you may want to show it off.

Who says lunch has to be all about the food? When your lunchbox is as cute as our picks, the food inside just tastes better.

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