Fun ways to teach your kids to “go green

What’s the best way to raise earth-friendly kids? Make it fun! Kids learn best when they are having a good time, so don’t miss these fun ways to teach your kids to “go green.”

Hiking family

Take green adventures

Want to make the natural world come alive for your kids? Go on green adventures! Whether you like to spend time camping, hiking or hunting for seashells along the beach, your kids will develop a natural love for the outdoors and will begin to understand the intimate connection between all living things.

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Eco-friendly movies and books

Books and movies with eco-friendly messages are a wonderful way to get your kids interested in the environment. Take time to talk to your kids afterward to ensure that they understood the message and discuss ways you can work as a family to incorporate more “green living” practices into your family life.

Plant a kid-friendly garden

Gardening is the perfect way to get your kids actively involved in the natural world. Not only is it super fun to dig in the dirt and watch things grow, but your kids will love seeing the fruits of their labor come to life. Plant a kid-friendly garden in your backyard full of tasty tidbits that your kids can help harvest with their own hands!

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Plan a neighborhood clean-up

Does your neighborhood need a makeover? Why not organize a neighborhood clean-up? Invite friends, family and neighbors to volunteer for the day and have a potluck dinner together afterward. Let the kids be in charge of passing out plastics gloves and bags for trash and recyclables. Divide into teams and see who can collect the most garbage by the day’s end!

Recycled arts and crafts

Kids love to get crafty. Take this opportunity to teach them about the importance of recycling by filling your art box full of fun reusable items such as different size boxes, toilet paper rolls, magazines, Popsicle sticks, lost buttons, frayed shoestrings, egg cartons, corks, broken crayons and even old clothes.

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Sing songs about the earth

Sing, dance, learn! Encourage your children to take care of the planet with upbeat, catchy songs about earth-friendly topics. Music can teach so much to children about nature, pollution, recycling, wildlife and more. Jack Johnson’s Singalongs and Lullabies is a great place to get started with his inspiring “3 R’s” song.

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Take a peek at this video of Jack Johnson’s “3 R’s” song.

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