How to make a dorm room feel like home

A dorm can feel so empty compared to the cozy bedroom that you’ve spent so much time in. Without the familiarity of your favorite posters and trinkets, you may find yourself missing home.

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To feel more comfortable, give your dorm room a little TLC — and it just might give a little right back.

Step 1: Decorate the walls

After a long, hard day of classes, a bare dorm room is not what you want to come back to. If you’re missing home or having a rough day, it will feel cold and empty and do nothing to lift your spirits. Try adding some life to your dorm by adorning the walls with posters or pictures of some of your favorite things. Just like in your old bedroom, that dreamy celeb on your wall will put a smile on your face or that picture of the beach will help you unwind and calm down.

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stack of photosStep 2: Set up photos

A familiar face can do wonders, especially for a college student who is missing family and friends. If you’re far away from home and your loved ones can’t visit often, put their pictures around your dorm to make it feel like home. Seeing their faces might make you miss them even more, but use it as a reminder to give them a quick phone call or send a sweet text.

Step 3: Celebrate the holidays

One of the hardest parts about dorm life is having to celebrate a big holiday away from home. Not every student goes home for winter break, and missing Christmas can be a tough time. If you’re in this situation, celebrate anyway. Buy a mini Christmas tree, a few decorations and turn your dorm into a cheerful wonderland. If there are any other students staying in the dorms for winter break, get together and keep each other company. It’s a good way to continue traditions you’ve had with family, as well as make new friends who are in a similar situation.

Step 4: Bring personal belongings

There’s no better way to create a home away from home than to fill your dorm with personal items that hold a lot of meaning. If you’ve got a special blanket that your grandmother knitted for you, throw it over your comforter. If you have medals from years of track competitions, hang them up! But if you’re sharing a dorm with a roommate, make sure they’re OK with these decorations. Set up some boundaries so that each of you has enough personal space to do with as you please. If your roommate is cool, dress up your dorm so instead feeling homesick, you feel like you are home.

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