Top 10 afterschool snacks that can be prepared in a flash

When your kids get home from school, they’re hungry and in need of a snack – fast! Choose a healthy snack that can be prepared quickly, most by your kids themselves. Stock a few of these options in your fridge and pantry, and you won’t have to hear, “Mom, there’s nothing to eat and I’m starving!”

boy drinking a smoothie for snack

Carrots and hummus

Purchase pre-cut or baby carrots, so your kids can serve themselves this easy go-to snack without having to cut anything. Throughout the week you can mix it up by substituting different vegetables or by trying other flavors of hummus.

Peanut butter and honey

Peanut butter makes a protein-packed, healthy snack. Slather two tablespoons on whole wheat toast and drizzle it with honey for a tasty power snack.

Apple slices with cheese

Fruit plus protein equals a snack that will keep them full until dinner.

Fruit pizza

Pile a store-bought crust with slices of your kid’s favorite fruit. Kiwi, strawberry and banana make great options. Drizzle with honey or chocolate, slice and serve.

Bumps on a log

The old classic — celery stalks with peanut butter and raisins — can be prepared quickly and safely by small hands. You can even have them dip the celery into the jar of peanut butter instead of getting out a butter knife. No double dipping!

Microwave popcorn

Skip the movie-theater-style buttery popcorn. Instead, pop a bag of plain popcorn in the microwave for a simple crunchy snack. Mix in raisins, nuts and small chocolate candies for a new take on trail mix.

SMUCKER’S® Uncrustables®

This ready-to-go, crustless sandwich will be perfect for your kids when they get home craving a snack.

Chips and salsa

Choose a thick salsa with chunks of tomato and other veggies. Serve with whole grain chips.


Toss fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt and ice into a blender. Or, for moms who like to plan ahead, make a big batch at the beginning of the week and freeze them in individually-sized servings.

Grapes and yogurt

Spoon flavored yogurt into a bowl and serve with grapes for dipping. Kids aren’t big on grapes? Switch out the fruit with sliced peaches or apples.

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