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Me time: Moms with cool hobbies

Every mom needs a little “me time” but these moms take their hobbies to the extreme. You may be surprised — and perhaps inspired — by some of the unique, super cool hobbies that these moms enjoy.

Roller derby

Carmen Kilday, is a mom who is known as Inga Lorious on the Denver Roller Dolls rink.

“My roller derby habit is uber important! It is the outlet I use to escape the nightly laundry/dinner routine and occasionally to escape my three kids! I could get lost in all my kids’ endeavors, but roller is something I have for me. I have always had an athletic activity that has kept me fit, like tennis or running, but roller derby is more. Derby is an obsession. At one point, I was on two travel teams and a home team. Balancing that with being a mom and a wife wasn’t easy. My family sacrificed many meals with me (skate practice is almost always in the evenings and on weekends), and my husband is definitely a derby widower. However, we are very intentional about family time and everyone has to pitch in with chores.”

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