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Elegant baby names for your debutante

Are you looking for the perfect elegant baby name for your future debutante? We have rounded up gorgeous baby girl names, including sophisticated baby names, French baby names and royal baby names. Even if you aren’t already planning her debutante ball, you will love these elegant baby girl names.

These elegant baby girl names are sophisticated and have an aristocratic sound to them, making them perfect for your future debutante. Traditionally, a debutante is a young woman who is formally introduced as a member of the elite society at age 18 through an elaborate debutante ball or cotillion ball. Many of today’s debutante balls are also charity events, in which families will donate money to a specific charity.

If you are grooming your future debutante, these elegant baby names are the perfect choice, however even if you don’t necessarily want a fancy cotillion ball, you will still love these sophisticated and gorgeous baby girl names.

Sophisticated baby names

These sophisticated and elegant baby names are classic and cool — and never go out of style. They are a perfect choice for your future debutante. Check out some of our favorite picks:

Kourtney Kardashian just named her daughter the sophisticated and old-fashioned name of Penelope Scotland. This name is growing in popularity, as both Tina Fey and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson gave their daughters this cute name.

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French baby names

Debutante is from the French word débutante which means “female beginner,” so we thought it would be perfect to round up some pretty French baby girl names.

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Royal baby names

Royal baby names from the British royal family have an upper crust and debutante sound to them. Elizabeth is probably the most-well known royal name, as is Diana and Katherine or Kate. If you love the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, perhaps one of these royal baby girl names, taken from the royal family, is the perfect choice for you.

Tips for picking a debutante name

When picking a debutante name, try to avoid names with unusual or creative spellings, such as Cydnee instead of Cindy or Emmalee instead of Emily. You may also want to avoid choosing baby names that are too popular or trendy. For example, Sophia is the most popular girl name of the year, beating out last year’s winner Isabella. They are both pretty names, but you run into the problem of having several other ladies with the exact same name.

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