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Tweens guide to wearing colored jeans

The colored jeans trend is bigger than ever this year, and that goes for all ages. If your tween daughter (age 11 to 13) is anxious to get in on this look, she can, but the rules are a little different for young ladies than for adults.

tween girl scarfSkinny is in

Like it or not, skinny jeans are still a huge fashion staple, and it doesn’t matter how young or old the wearer. Opt for jeans that are fitted but not super tight — this is both to keep them age-appropriate and to make sure you don’t have to trade them in for the next size up in a month. If you’re not too keen on your tween wearing skinny jeans, pair them with a long tunic or a short dress so they’re worn more as leggings.

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Go simple up top

Now is a great time to teach your tween about not overdoing it. There’s nothing wrong with putting bold color on the bottom of your outfit, but you should probably tone down your top to keep things balanced. If your tween chooses bright-colored denim pants, stick with neutral colors like white, black or gray for her shirt. If she’s not a fan of solid shirts, choose a simple striped top or a shirt with a small pattern, but try to find a pattern that’s not too crazy or busy.

Start slow

Colored jeans are a lot to get used to, even for a fashion-forward tween. If she’s timid about making such a bold statement, start off with royal blue. They’re bright and fun, but not too far away from the standard jeans she’s accustomed to.

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Choose your colors carefully

Those pretty pink jeans really are gorgeous, but how are they going to fit in with her winter wardrobe? Choose colors that will easily go from season to season, like orange, red, green and blue. It’ll save you from having to buy a whole new wardrobe every few months and ensure you get your money out of what you buy.

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Tone down the shoes

Your tween probably has a closet packed full of crazy shoes. While shoes that sparkle, glitter, shine and blink are all very in for that age group, they don’t mix well with colored denim. Neither do patterned shoes. Colored denim is bright and bold and should be the only look-at-me piece in her outfit. Everything else should be toned down and neutral, so go for solid shoes, probably in neutral tones.

Laundry Tip

Make those jeans last longer by line drying them instead of putting them in the dryer. Toss them on the gentle cycle for five minutes to remove wrinkles and soften them.

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