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How to accessorize colored denim

Colored denim is one of this year’s hottest trends. It’s a bold way to bring color into your outfit, but be careful how you accessorize — the pieces you choose can make or break your outfit!

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There are tons of ways to wear colored denim. Choose one of our favorite styles to look super hot in one of fall’s biggest trends.

Go simple up top

Striped peplum top

Lace top

There’s nothing wrong with putting your brightest colors on the bottom, but you should probably tone down your top to keep things balanced. If you choose bright-colored denim pants, stick with neutral colors like white, black or gray for your shirt. You can add a little pizzazz by going with a striped peplum top or by adding some texture with lace. If you want to use a pattern, make sure the pattern is small and the colors match your denim.

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Add more color with accessories

Chevron infinity scarf

Blue bubble necklace

Since your shirt is a neutral tone, put on a few more pops of color with your accessories. A nice scarf — like this chevron infinity scarf — can jazz up a simple top. A bold statement necklace can do the trick, too. You can easily find a bubble necklace in a suitable color.

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Go glam

Thick wedge shoe

When you’re wearing brightly colored denim, don’t be afraid to go bold with your accessories, too! Go ’60s or ’70s glam by throwing in chunky bangle bracelets, giant sunglasses or a pair of thick wedge shoes.

Try color blocking

Pink blazer
Orange cardigan
Gold bracelets
Since you’re trying one big fashion hit of the season, why not go two for two? Use those gorgeous colored denim pants to try your hand at color blocking. There are a few different ways to go about color blocking, with the easiest being staying in the same color family. If your jeans are red, try a white shirt with a pink jacket or a yellow cami with an orange cardigan. Once you get comfortable with that, try adding a color that’s not so close, like a pair of bright blue shoes or a blue handbag.

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Keep in mind that when you’re color blocking with your clothes, you need to keep your jewelry as neutral as possible. Silver or gold jewelry will complement these outfits perfectly.

Laundry Tip

Turn your colored denim inside out when washing it to avoid fading.

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