5 Ways moms benefit from homeschooling their kids

While many debate the kid-centered advantages of homeschool, teaching your kids at home comes with a bundle of benefits for stay-at-home moms too. Discover five ways real moms benefit from homeschooling their kids.

Teach your kids at home
Homeschool benefits


Choose what you teach

One of the most boasted benefits of homeschooling is the power of parents to choose what your child is learning. In a public school or private school, the curriculum and birthday cutoff is set and the freedom to learn may be limited. “I am homeschooling my daughter because her birthday is past the cutoff date but she is clearly ready for the grade higher than her age,” shares Bekah Jorgensen, St. Paul, Minnesota. “I also want to continue to have her learn as much German as possible, and I value being able to combine the elements I like from various schools and methods of teaching into one place.”

And, Linda Bauer of The Woodlands, Texas agrees when it comes to her little one’s learning. “Homeschooling is a fantastic way to get truly involved with the education and worldview of your child. It offers moms a way to help shape the future and enjoy each moment along the way.”


Provide stability

When circumstances would otherwise have your kiddos hop around from school to school, your youngsters may thrive more with the consistency of homeschool. “One of the reasons we are homeschooling our children is because during our years as a military family we learned that keeping stability was very important in the lives of our children,” explains Mariecor Ruediger, San Diego, California. Whether you’re a family that loves to travel or your job takes you from town to town, homeschooling kids can be the unvarying factor in an otherwise ever-changing lifestyle.

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Be a better mom

Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough, but when you homeschool your kids, the one who learns the most sometimes is you. “Homeschooling has benefited me as a mother because it allows me to be constantly in tune with the needs of my kids and find creative ways to meet those needs,” explains Jessica Bowers, www.suitcasesandsippycups.com. “Every part of their development sits on my shoulders — I can’t blame the schools or the teachers if they are failing in some academic area. That is an awesome responsibility that keeps me on my toes as a parent.” You don’t have to love attachment parenting or want to be around them 24/7, but knowing what your kids need can be easier to decipher when you give them more one-on-one time.


Save money

Any parent prepping to send kids back to school can attest that cost can add up quickly. And, keeping kids at home for learning can equal big savings. “We love that staying at home for school helped in saving a lot of money in the areas of gas money, commuting, clothing and meals,” adds Mariecor Ruediger. While the cost of materials for homeschooling varies based on your child’s age and the program you follow, expenses in other areas can easily be clipped.


Strengthen the family bond

Instead of trying to cram family time into short weekends and holidays, the time you spend teaching is also an opportunity to bond. “There were so many things I loved about homeschooling our girls but I think the best is the relationships we developed,” says Sandy Fowler. “I’ve had the chance to get to know them in a way I never would have otherwise. This closeness, and my understanding of them, is carrying us through those teen years in a way I never would have imagined, with an ease and grace I never thought possible.”

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While these five ways moms benefit from homeschooling their kids can be rewarding, spending an extended amount of time isolated with your children can be tough, even when you’re not exclusively a stay-at-home mom. Seek out a local homeschooling parents’ group to find the support you need without the worry that you’re breaking the family bond you’ve worked hard to build, simply because your kids are driving you batty!

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