What I’m loving this week: 5 Stroller trends

Trends are present everywhere — clothing, shoes, accessories and (even) baby gear! What strollers are the trendiest right now? Here are my favorite five!

Strolling in style

Trends are present everywhere — clothing, shoes, accessories and (even) baby gear! What strollers are the trendiest right now? Here are my favorite five!

When I was pregnant with my oldest son William back in 2004, I had no idea that strollers followed trends. I literally just registered for the blue stroller because I was having a boy. It was as simple as that. It wasn’t until I had William, and started meeting other moms in the park, that I realized strollers came in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Talk about a crash course in “cool” baby gear!

The woman who lived next door to us had a red Bugaboo stroller that I just coveted. It was so lightweight and pretty and (well…) cool. I remember one incident in particular when my husband and I took William on a walk through the park, and our stroller started to creak. It was so loud that we finally had to stop at a drug store to pick up WD-40. It was the funniest thing and made me realize that going with the cheapest stroller wasn’t always the best thing to do.

It just so happens that high quality and trendiness go hand-in-hand.

And then, as I started blogging and becoming more and more immersed in the world of baby gear and sorts, I found out that designers of baby gear work the same way as designers of clothing. They follow trends and mimic those trends through their styles and designs… even in strollers.

Which brings me to my column today… five stroller trends that I’m loving this week!

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Stroller trends



Bugaboo Bee — Extra compact. Extra lightweight. Extra maneuverable. If you’re an urban mom, this is the stroller you want. It closes and opens easily with just one push. Bugaboo has combined all your greatest needs in this one stroller. Not to mention, they’ve made it bright and as bold as can be. I love the yellow and think it’s fabulous for 2012!



Quinny Moodd — Talk about a trendy stroller! I love the look of the Moodd, it’s absolutely stunning and eye-catching! The new Quinny Moodd is ultra modern and comes in a full-complete stroller. It comes in colors that are trending right now — hot pinks, deep reds and gorgeous teals. This is strolling in style at its finest.



BOB Revolution SE — Tangerine is the color of 2012, so it’s awesome seeing some strollers offered in this color. BOB strollers are known for off-roading and being great out on the road — they’re extremely durable. I love seeing this trend of color worked into the design of these strollers. It’s beautiful and truly makes me smile.



Maxi Cosi’s Mila — It’s the modern twist on the new umbrella stroller. Super lightweight and perfect for everyday use for your toddler. It will keep them comfortable and secure, all while being offered in a color to match your style. I’m obsessed with the brighter colors — the yellows, the pinks and the oranges. I love mixing style with convenience!



Maclaren Quest in Denim — You know I love my jeans, well… here is my ultimate! A denim stroller! how perfectly trendy is this? I love how Maclaren thought of a fabric that is so universal and turned it into a Limited Edition stroller. It’s gorgeous! The best part? It goes with everything!

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