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Throw a 2012 Olympic party for kids

Don’t put away those U.S. flags just yet! It’s time to plan the best party of the summer to celebrate the Summer Games and what they mean to kids — favorite sports, athletes, competition and heroes. Create your very own 2012 Olympics party for kids with these helpful tips, crafts and party planning ideas and enjoy the games this summer with your children.

Summer Games party invites

Get creative with your party invites! These Olympic gold medal invites are fun to make, deliver and can be used during your party.


  • Red, white, blue or sports ribbon
  • Yellow or gold cardstock paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Circle punch
  • Scissors
  • Marker


  1. Tip: Check the official schedule before planning your party. You may need to record your child’s favorite event due to programming and air times.

    With the circle punch, cut two circles from the cardstock paper.

  2. Cut a 2-foot piece of ribbon, set aside.
  3. On one circle write, “Let’s go for the Gold.”
  4. On the other circle write the party details.
  5. Affix the double stick tape to the back of each circle.
  6. Before placing the circles together, place the ends of the ribbon between the two circles.
  7. With the ribbon between the circles, press the circles together to affix the tape.
  8. Hand-deliver the medals, lay them on your friend’s doorstep or place them in the mail to invite your friends to the best party of the summer!

Olympics party decorations and crafts for kids

In addition to the red, white and blue plates, napkins and other party necessities, make these fun decorations and crafts to really get in the spirit of the games.

Flags from around the world


  • White poster board, printer paper or index cards
  • Markers


  1. On blank pieces of poster board, printer paper or index cards, draw and color the official Olympics flag, the U.S. flag, England’s flag and the other flags that represent the different countries attending the 2012 Games.
  2. Display your flags throughout the house to feel like you’re actually in London.

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Olympic torches


  • Brown, red and orange cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Packaging tape or strong craft tape


  1. Curl the brown cardstock paper to create a cone.
  2. Tape the edges closed to hold the shape.
  3. Cut one 2-inch strip of orange cardstock paper and one 3-inch strip of red cardstock paper.
  4. With a pencil, draw flames on one side of the strip.
  5. With scissors, carefully cut around the pencil markings.
  6. Tape the straight edges of the paper together and then tape the straight edges to the inside opening of the brown cardstock cone.
  7. Decorate the outside.

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2012 Summer Olympics party game ideas

Model your party games and activities after your child’s favorite sports in the Olympics. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a backyard relay race with your handmade Olympic torches.
  • Organize a quick game of soccer.
  • Lay tumbling mats on a flat surface and practice your gymnastics skills — see who can hold a handstand the longest.
  • Jump in the pool and swim some laps.

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